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Critical Thinking. Marketing

The author of this article has composed a very topical paper on modern marketing. The conclusion is based on evidence that is visible in the modern setting of marketing. Examples of the key points in this essay are; financial trade-offs. For example, the evidence that the author presents to explain the situation of marketing trade- offs is quite rational. He has used the example of Coors brewing which cut the advertising in the 1990s for the flagship of their beer brand by $ 43 million annually, only to earn a mere $ 4 million. The author has also placed a considerable emphasis on marketing balance levels. To a great extent, I do believe the evidence of the two authors in the conclusion they come up with, this is because the two authors have served in very fields of the economy that require a lot of marketing. It may be perceived that they have the rightful experience.

In terms of structure of this article, the authors were perfect in making the title for the article. This is because the title of this article plays an important role in making an appeal to the readers. They have also used a convincing language when explaining the alternatives that can be used to enhance marketing balance levels. In addition the author have also achieved to pass their intended message using sensible examples. The best company that can be used to illustrate this is when Miller Lite is used to explain the way product and service innovations during branding can help to resolve trade-offs. This was the first successfully marketed light beer. It had a lot of innovation involved in its preparation. Such examples are relevant and this is why the writers of this article have been successful. The authors of the article have also presented implementable ways towards achieving market balance. These ways are implementable for any company regardless of the size since it clearly occurs that each company has room for improvement (Keller &Webster 2009).



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