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Admissions Application

My professional plan upon completion of my degree is to become a histotechnologist. In my view, working as a technologist would enable me to effectively utilize my skills and knowledge in histotechnology in preparing human tissues for microscopic examinations, thus facilitating diagnosis of various diseases that affect humankind. As a histotechnologist, I would also be able to conduct various research studies on various illnesses that affect human beings, thus aid the provision of quality healthcare services to patients. I believe that working as a histotechnologist would accord me a valuable opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people, even if I would be working in hospital laboratories with minimal direct contact with patients. In addition, working as a histotechnologist would also give me an opportunity to liaise with other health professionals such as pathologists, laboratory technicians and surgeons during diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as research institutions like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct research studies on diseases that affect people.

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Upon successful completion of my degree, I plan to work in a laboratory of a local hospital near Barry University where I can effectively use my skills and knowledge in histotechnology. I prefer a local hospital near Barry University because it would be easily to access, thus making it easy for me to work as I continue with postgraduate studies. Moreover, I plan to work in a busy hospital where my skills and knowledge in histotechnology would be fully utilized. I strongly believe that the skills, knowledge and expertise that I would have gained from Barry University upon completion of my degree can only be useful to the society when put in effective use.

For my part, I find working as a histotechnologist quite interesting because it involves application of technical skills and scientific knowledge in diagnosis of diseases. Working as a histotechnologist would enable me to detect various abnormalities in tissue development and growth causes diseases. For example, I would use immunological and molecular techniques to identify various tissue tumors that cause cancer. This would enable me help thousands of patients of cancer.

I am certain that I can become a highly professional histotechnologist because I posses various qualities such as patience, eagerness to learn, ability to work with minimal supervision and high levels of accuracy that histotechnology requires. Moreover, upon completing my degree at Barry University, I believe I will have acquired adequate knowledge in Biology, Immunology, Anatomy, Chemistry and Molecular Biology that may be required to work as a histotechnologist. I would also like to work as a histotechnologist because I greatly enjoy microscopic examination, embedding and sectioning of organic tissues.

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To become a histotechnologist, an individual must take and pass the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) examinations and register with a professional body of histotechnologists. In my view, I believe that Barry University is the best institution that can adequately prepare future histotechnologists for the ASCP examinations; hence I humbly applied for admission to the institution.

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