Orwell Rolls in His Grave

The movie is a wonderful film that no one may soon be able to set his eyes on. The documentary is directed by Robert Kane and it unearths the secrets of how certain organization in united state controls the mass media. Basically, these organizations intend to remain influential to having control over the press. In respect to this, the popular media houses have softened their position to politics. This relationship is symbiotic in terms of how each side benefit from each other. For instance, politics promises stability, confidence and more money to the media while the media gives back through biased coverage. The film demonstrates to the public how this unique control of the content by media in this region has affected the country. Besides, the ratio and level of those who own media in the United States has gradually changed. Currently only six networks have the privilege to control all the stations in the entire region. On the contrary, five years ago hundreds of media networks had bigger control over these stations it looks like a miraculous change has taken place since then. Consequently, one is left wondering, did this happen in the night?  It is evident that the minor networks could be comfortably bought by the larger companies. The society has developed in a manner that money controls all meaning that money miraculously changes ways of doing tasks. Additionally, the society natural rules are simple in that as long as one has money, one can do whatever he/she wants. United States have legislations to control such menace. What could have gone wrong? Were the laws reversed by someone or did they just ignore the law? These are the most obvious question to this end. Therefore, can the corrupted and infiltrated media in the United States controlled by just 1% minority rich Americans? Basically, The 1996 Telecommunications Act had no control over the number of stations one network could own.

The film further reveals how politics and media have successfully merged into one. One thing that has come out clear about this is that a politician’s voice can only be effectively heard in the US through television when there is an election. It is unbelievable and disturbing to note that today media systems earn billion dollars from their political counterparts for advertisements. In contrast, ten years ago the political system injected only a few million dollars to the media. The mix is further demonstrated by the 2000 general elections. During the announcement of the election results all the citizens were expecting these results to be announced from the, anything announced by the media had to be the ultimate truth. Politics must always be the stories of the day even if there is more relevant news to be aired at that particular time. At this point, a question linger in my mind, why must the media drop some news or just give a snap review of them yet they are very relevant and important to the nation? The 2000 elections, as described by the book, were definitely not won by the Republicans but were media control. No one is surprised that only after six counting years did the press concentrate on reporting the Reagan-Iranian governments’ arms and hostages deal only after the public became aware.


In conclusion, it is evident to  that this documentary is perfect and  in a highly contemporary mode it raises the issue of unending conflict between the big and well established brother and what Robert describes as the doublespeak. Despite this, it is however ironical that the continuous loss of freedom of speech and the manipulation of the corporate media in this great nation will never be exposed. This film has successfully polarized Americans into you against me or simply the rich corporate against the public at large. The greater public has come to learn in the hard way about all this, but nothing will ever be done about it, we are never going to witness it reported in the press.

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