Unending flights of fancy; Richard Edmonds marvels at the unparalleled genius of Leonard da Vinci

The title of the article on the post is “Unending flights of fancy; Richard Edmonds marvels at the unparalleled genius of Leonard da Vinci” In this article, The article was written by Richard Edmonds and posted in UK newspaper on 1st December 2011, in a journal called the Birmingham post (England). Basically, I used the words “Birmingham post” to search for the article unending flight of fancy.

Generally, Richard Edmonds describes how Leonard da Vinci was a talented man in painting. Leonard da Vinci reigned in the renaissance period. Accordingly, he shows how Leonard managed to get a lot of contracts from various parties including the government. Besides, Leonard was never bored by his job at any given time. According to Edmonds, many people were enthusiastic of Leonard’s genius including Pope Leo X. Many people were excited to have Leonard undertake their projects, as they were assured of quality work. Leonard worked in the fascinating court of Duke Ludovico Sforza as a court artist. Additionally, He was also an engineer and a scene painter. Besides, Edmonds suggest that only few artists like Leonard could paint things like stars, planets or other things like human anatomy. Leonard piece of work was preserved for the current generation to study including 8,000 sketches and drawings on pieces of paper. In addition, Leonard also had notes written down on the various concepts that amused him.

I chose this article because I was fascinated by the great skills possessed by Leonard da Vinci. Generally, it is hard to find people who have unique talent like Leonard da Vinci. Additionally, I am obsessed by the art of painting. Besides, this article is very interesting as it gives the insights on how to excel in a particular field like how Leonard excelled in the field of painting, engineering and various arts.



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