In a Search of Majority

The core intention of this book is to come up with an overview of both the democratic theory and the democratic life, which always goes hand in hand with each other. Basically, these two are dated back during the time of post civil rights, which mainly involved the black Americans; the processes they went through; the story, which was never disclosed to anyone; and the race, which was perfectly kept silent through assumption for many years. On the other hand, the book also takes a closer view on the way of noticing race and the stronger reserve, which is normally associated with a lot of anxiety for identifying the race.  However, this anxiety plays a crucial role in the sense of American identity, which is not fully exhausted.

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While dealing with the issue of America identity, the writer of this book brings out the most critical grounds for the ideal construction of the theories related to politics in America and tries to find ways of dealing with the issue of race. Generally, the book brings and develops a psychological moral, which gives an explanation to why forms of racial injustices and humiliations are considered to be unexceptional in America. However, the writer is still optimistic that the entire nation of America is able or rather has higher chances of coming up with appropriate ways of overcoming or doing away with the racial injustices and come up with suitable ways of creating a more dynamic and democratic form of life. In addition, the writer states that the latest consciousness in the society, which is as a result of the struggle of the black Americans freedom, implies either the start or the end of the Americans. The writer also analyses the American constitution, then he reorganizes it to expose its weakness, which cannot propel changes in the society.

Basically, the writer intents to come up with a new identity and the majority, which is not categorically underlined by the political powers or the huge numbers, though it is a majority, which is formed on the basis of moral influence. There is need for daring in order to come up with a new and different view of the majority. However, this will have a huge involvement of the a crucial contest, which will largely involve the citizens of America who are viewed as the majority, thus coming up with the necessary and needed change in the society. Ideally, the writer has the intention of making those who read his book to be aware of their undoubted innocence and to notify them of their duties and responsibilities related to them either as citizens or human beings.

The writer brings out several intends of making the reader expand his or her understanding about the vision of the America. Ideally, in the previous years, the whites in the United States of America were usually believed to be the majority and normally had an upper hand in whatever they did. On the other hand, the blacks and other non-white were referred to as the minority. Furthermore, the writer gives a horrible and painful description of the black people as the shapers and makers of the lowest and the most bottom class of the entire society. However, this has quickly changed to suit the American vision. Nowadays it is evident that the social hierarchy has changed drastically, and anybody from any race or gender can belong anywhere. In addition, there are well framed systems, which have given more value to human beings regardless of their race.

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Justice and equality: this is theme that builds the plot of the article in a search of majority. At the regime, when the writer was drafting this article, black Americans in the United States of America were treated as minorities who represented the lowest and poorest social class in America. This implied that they were not of the same class with the Americans; ideally the blacks were not equal to the white. On the other hand, the blacks were denied with almost every human right, ranging from the right to vote, the right to obtain quality education, or the right to travel in first class vehicles to freedom of association with anyone anywhere. Generally this meant that they were deprived of their rights, and injustice to them was the order of the day in their daily life. 

Citizenship and democracy: this is among the vital themes that the writer narrowed down to. Several decades ago black people in the American society were denied several citizenship and democratic rights until the time when there were organized movements, which were organized with the intention of demanding for civil rights. Before this time all the black people could travel in separate vehicle, attend separate schools with white students, treated in different hospitals with their white counterparts and were denied the rights to vote as well. This implied that black people were totally not legal citizens of America in addition they were deprived of many human and democratic rights; for example, the right to vote and the freedom of association with every person regardless of their race.

Exclusion and belonging: a large fraction of black Americans in the U.S.A were perceived as foreigners who did not have a greater importance to the nation of America and its citizens. In addition, they were totally excluded from the society, which lived a better life; therefore this meant that they were to form the lowest and poorest part of the social hierarchy in America. The African-Americans were in most cases not part of the American plans, for instance, during the period of voting they were totally excluded and they were not expected to take in voting process either as voters or vying for a certain seat. The African-Americans lacked a sense of belonging in the entire nation of America; however, this came to an end when several movements, which were against this kind of injustices, were for with the aim of demanding equal civil rights to all Americans despite of their race.

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The spirit of time by the zeitgeist basses on the intellectual, cultural, spiritual, ethical and the political atmosphere in the country or rather a nation, in addition this can be within a specific group with the social culture of a specific era. The spirit of time has a closer over view with the article of in search of a majority, ideally this article was drafted during the time or rather the era when the blacks in America were isolated and treated different with the white Americans. In the current world, the spirit of times focuses on the recent issues, which affect the society and the American nation as a whole, specifically it deals with the matters of economy, which involve the highly paid professors who cheat and steal money from banks and aid organizations, the modern religion which worships the sun, the raise in the rate of terrorism in America from other nations, for example, the suicide attack on the world trade center, which left many people injured, unemployed or dead. The main difference between the era of “in search of a majority “and now is that the past was characterized by physical slavery and present is characterized by economical slavery.

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