Ji-Yeon Mary Yuhfill

Ji-Yeon Mary Yuhfill in her essay “Let’s Tell the Story of All America’s Cultures” states that every culture that lives on America`s land, has the rights to be included in its history and respected, due to immense contributions of these peoples. “The history of America is the sorry of how and why people from all over the world came to the United States, and how in struggling to make a better life for themselves, they changed each other, they changed the country, and they all came to call themselves American.”, claims Ji-Yeon Mary Yuhfill.

According to Ji-Yeon Mary Yuhfill, the American history course should be more democratic and unveil past realities to the younger generation. Pupils must be aware of the real state of things. In Ji-Yeon Mary Yuhfill`s judgement, people should know that the Afro-Americans fought for their freedom instead of passively undergoing slavery, or that the Chinese immigrated in America as well as whites.

America should reconsider its history and be able to critically estimate its status of a multicultural country. It is critical that the Americans receive the white-only version of their nation`s history because “America was shaped and continues to be shaped by people of diverse backgrounds.” By hiding the true social reality, America distance from its stance of democracy and moves towards racism and inequality. By showing “the good with the bad”, the pupils would manage to “improve their country”. A committee of teachers and scholars gathered by the New York State Department of Education consent that schools should do a diverse course of American history.

All in all, if the Americans will admit the fact that their country was created as a result of closeness of many nations, many will became one and America will gain rather than loose in that its generations will make a step towards real democracy and freedom.



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