Addiction and Human Freedom


This article critically looks at addiction and human freedom, the qualities of addiction as well as the theological nature of addiction. Basically, Addiction occurs when an individual using drug indulges in some activities that are evil and one cannot refrain from them even when he or she intends to do so because the urge is too strong to control.

Addiction and Human Freedom

People have to understand that addiction exists in all human kind. Addiction manifests itself psychologically, spiritually and neurologically. The processes that trigger positive addiction are the same ones responsible for un-Godly addictions. According to May (1991), human beings have the will to stay away from evil and addiction but in some way find themselves acting against their will. May (1991) further argue that humans do not have control over their behaviors and thus letting addiction control them. Basically, addiction takes away human freedom and directs them to do things that they do not intend to do. Additionally, addiction rules their lives by attaching to the mind and the body the urge of consistently doing certain things such as smoking. Moreover, addiction turns people away from God, exposing them to death.

 Characteristics of Addiction

The main characteristics of addiction include tolerance, stress reaction and exhibition of withdrawal symptoms.

Gerald (1991) describes attention distortion, loss of will power and self deception as the secondary addiction features. When an individual is at this state, he is definitely addicted and out of his own control and should therefore look for the right remedies. Getting rid of addiction may not just be waking up one day and saying I quit, it may entail more than that.

Theological Nature of Addiction

The ultimate goal to humanity is the desire to reach God and without him life has no meaning. May (1991) clearly states that God have created human beings with addiction propensity. Theologically, the purpose of addiction is therefore to test the human nature and behavior.  Human role in the universe should be purely for the good and should therefore use all his might to fight addiction. One should be conscious of his or her reputation to the general. In-case someone becomes a victim of addiction, one should be ready to loose all at his disposal to get rid of the addiction in order gain his freedom. May further argued that people get addicted easily due to the influence of the devil.



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