Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis is a tool or a technique whose base is the argument that change comes about due to struggle between forces hampering change (resistance) and the forces favoring change (driving forces). Through the use of Force Field Analysis, one can learn the course of action that that will best suit an organization or a business if implemented due to its having the majority of driving forces as opposed to the slightest resistant forces. The tool can be used by the managers and team member to establish the best course of action to initiate during the process of strategic analysis (Quality Guide, 1998).

The tool is of a great importance when it comes to change initiative because it allows for the participation of all individuals within an organization, a working group or a team. The process of developing the forces that may hinder or drive change incorporates the views of all members hence decision making on the appropriate cause of action is also collective bringing a sense of belonging and satisfaction among all the participants.


Quality Guide (1998) asserts that its potential ability of bringing together almost all members of the organization leads to enhanced communication, a very important aspect for prosperity in any arena, and also prevents a situation where those responsible for setting the goals do not participate with those implementing them.

It is also important when it comes to anticipated changes within an organization because it leads to enhanced cohesiveness and consensus on the change subject because every individual has a voice. It also determines market and strategic opportunities for an organization.

The tool can be used in a change initiative within an organization through first explaining how to go about the process and define the problem or issue to discussed. Secondly, the group needs to develop a chart on a clipboard or newsprint entailing to heading, that is, the forces of resistance and driving forces (Quality Guide, 1998). The group then brainstorms the forces within an organization that belongs to the respective column. The group then evaluates the chart together through drawing conclusions on the overall forces for and against, the ways appropriate ways of tipping the balance, the best ways of neutralizing the opposing forces and how to increase the driving forces.



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