Case Study Analysis

The following paper is a case study that is aimed at studying  and evaluating the problems that are  facing  the ABC Inc. this when it   recruited 15 new recruits into the  organization, the paper will also counter check the failures and possible solutions to the problems that the  company's new recruiting officer faced during the recruitment process.

Carl Robins being the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. is faced with a very serious problem, the problem he is experiencing is when he wrongly recruited new employees to work under Monica Carroll. This was   clear for him after receiving the call from Monica who wanted to know on the progress of the recruitment activity as the day for the orientation of the new recruits into the organization was close.

When perusing through the new recruits documents, Mr. Robin's realized that there was a problem in the new recruits' records; he realized that their applications documents were not fully completed, some of the applicants had not completely completed their application forms, Some new recruits did not even attached copies of there transcripts and none of the new recruits had undergone the mandatory drug test that is a requirement for each and every new recruit in the organization. To worsen the matters the hall that he had planed to conduct the orientation for these new recruits has been booked by the department of technology services for the entire month of June. Making it impossible for the scheduled orientation of the new recruits impossible to be conducted by the as planned this will automatically result to a delay in the dates of the recruits to join the company system and start performing there duties.

The main problem that the ABC inc. faces is the recruitment of unqualified new trainees. This will eventual result the company inability to perform its activities as the new recruits will be unable to perform there duties effectively and perfectly. This is because they were wrongly recruited into the organization without them taken through preliminary recruitments.

The problem was caused by Mr. Carl Robins the new recruitment officer, inability to evaluate the application documents of the recruits before hiring them into the organization, from this case Mr. Robins has noted that some of these new recruits haven't fully filled there application forms, they have also left out some important documents such as transcripts and the   medical form for  their drug tests thus being one of the reasons that the new recruits will no be in a position of succeeding in the organization. The poor counterchecking of the new recruits documents will be a major setback in the organization to perform its duties, this resulting to the organization to spend a lot of time in training the new recruits on ways they can conduct their duties making the organization loose a lot of money and time in the training of these new recruits.

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The other problem is the occupation of the training room for the orientation by the Department of The Technology Services. This will be a major set back for Mr. Robins department this is because his departments' operations will come to a stand still as a result of the delay in the orientation of the new recruits into his department. The delay in his department normal operations will result to the organizations to lose a lot of man hours that were necessary for the organization to achieve its objectives to its clients.

The organization would not have faced the above mentioned problems, if a well trained recruiting agent was present.  In this case Carl Robins was just a first timer in his work and having worked as a recruitment agent for the first time he has failed in recruiting the best qualified recruits in the organization,   at the same time he failed to book the training hall that would be used by Monica during the orientation of the new recruits into the organization, thus he has failed the organization into performing its duties effectively.

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The organization will be in a position to overcome these problems at hand as a result of ensuring that it increases its productivity and credibility to its clients. This is by evaluating its new recruit's qualifications and ensures that the individuals recruited are well qualified and at the same time they are prepared to perform their duties more effectively.

The problem was as a result of lack of qualified personnel in determining the new recruits in to the organization the person in charge was a six month old who was supposed to recruit new people into the organization, these new recruits were not recruited properly as a result of the poor supervision of the entire recruiting process and this eventually results to the incorrect methods of recruiting the new members of the organizations'. There was also the issue of communication breakdown in the organization this is because the department of technology services had occupied the hall for the entire month without Mr. Robins knowing that the hall will be occupied for the entire month with the technology services department while he had the thoughts of using the hall in the same month in which he had planned to conduct the orientation of the new recruits.

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Proposed solution

The main problem that is facing this organization is the lack of supporting documents of the new recruits. This is what determines the future and credibility of the organization and the new recruits; therefore in this case the best option will be to postpone the orientation of these new recruits in to the organization. Hence, taking great advantage of the department of technology services one month occupation of the training hall and on that day ensure that all the new recruits will have undergone the recommended medical check-ups in order to see if all of them qualify by passing the drug test, this will help the individuals qualify for the job position they have been recruited. The day of the orientation will be used as a day of completion of the uncompleted applications and also handing over the missing documents such as the transcripts and medical report. Thus ensuring that all the new recruits have submitted all these documents before proceeding or being considered for the orientation this will ensure that all the new recruits will adhere with the rules and submit their documents without any haste.

I recommend that the above rules should be placed in practice   in order to ensure that all the new recruits are able to succeed in there activities in the organization this is because they are well experienced and qualified to perform their respective duties in the organization. I also recommend that when the company is conducting news recruits the next time the company recruitment team should consult each other and not leave the recruitment process to only one person, this will ensure that the individuals who will be recruited in this process are well qualified and no repeat of a similar case is experienced again it will also save the company time and money in training the new recruits.

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