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American Culture

Talking of place and placeless gives most citizens in America a sense of belonging. The people feel that they have a culture that they need to embrace and they can easily follow up their culture originality. Culture mostly talks about place and this protects the culture of the people. It is very evident that by people have emotional attachments when they have a sense of place. According to Glassberg I his book sense of history the place of the past in American life, he insists that place is mostly attached to history. The place in general is concerned more about the environment of various individuals. In today's American era, most people may have that feeling that they do not have a place but they feel the presence of certain cultures that they can attach themselves to. According to some authors, most environmental stimuli are attached to place as a factor.  Placelessness is defined as a sense of belonging that is found in a particular place. When we talk of placelessness, the first thing to be imagined is the inability.

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According to Glassberg, he asserts that change is not a good thing because it is not very easy to attach change the place. But change can also in some cases be a good aspect. This is especially common in the technological world where change is really needed to make any positive move in a business. In the symbolic landscape, American culture has been proved to be a better aspect in promoting the culture of the land. This makes the article to look more important than is expected.  According to the culture, work and home had two different identities. Placelessness makes it very difficult to transform and come up with an emotional attachment. The main difference between these two is the aspect of nostalgia. In most cases, when people move from one place, they tend to form an attachment to the place they have left making them have a nostalgia feeling.

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The people tend not to lose memories of where they have come from. They may stay with these memories for such a long time. Meinig brings out the importance of culture and the benefits that one gets if he has some attachment to a certain culture. When analyzing Orange County, it seems to hold more placelessness than place in its nature. There is no any attachment in this county, in fact being there is basically because the nuclear family happened to stay there. This does not place any strong attachment to the place. There is a place far away from the county that has an attachment and will definitely define the originality. In the lectures of OC, there was a distinction in various cultures and history. The fact that history was told just from a certain perspective brought in the issue of placelessness. This disconnected some people from being attached to the culture that was being taught in the class. By ignoring other cultures to be discussed in class, makes some people to feel like they do not belong in the same culture. They feel like they do not have a place to call their own. This damages the relationship and interferes with the individual psychology.

Placelessness does not rhyme with emotions and if there is anything that can be done to reduce it, it is of much value.  If given a chance to pick any scene in the current scenario, I would definitely pick that of Laguna Beach. The postcards are mostly offered at night making it to be different from the rest. The city is different geographically compared to other cities. The city is also different in terms of their culture when compared to other cities. Things keep on changing on the daily basis and this makes the city not to remain the same even in one single year. When a card displays the place of the city, it gives a sense of place in its notion.

From the analysis, Shawna Gilmore- Gay brings in a landscape that is picked and placed on the OC scene. This scene is better as it incorporates both the new and the older cultures in the society. This will make most people feel in place and they will have a sense of belonging. When other scenes are chosen, it may make some people to have no culture as they will have their cultures not incorporated thus they will be placelessness. Shawna makes me realize that, Placelessness allows and gives the provision to change and renovations to various cultures. In most cases, people are always on the move to look for better opportunities. As an American Culture, it is vital to ensure that place is highly considered and it has more strength more than placelessness.

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The statement for Kaiulu DeMello Henry makes me come to a conclusion that, when an individual is in a land and cannot be familiar with the language of the place, then the individual can be said to be placelessness. The individual will definitely feel out of place and will not have a sense of belonging. In American Culture, most people have been incorporated and given a sense of belonging. This was through coming up with one common language that most people in the land would understand. Other beliefs were standardized to allow most people to be ale to cope up very fast in the land without discriminating any person. Kaiulu has vividly brought out the difference between the place and placelessness. This distinction makes the reader to understand where place applies and where placelessness applies interchangeably.

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