Problem Statement and Business Requirements


Implementation of new system initiative plan is the main problem faced by me as a systems analyst. More specifically, the problem is to wisely select the component of the previous system, i-e MySlice Student/Faculty Information System, which needs to be replaced.


Here are few open-ended and close-ended questions designed to know the room for improvement in the Faculty services sub-system of MySlice.

Ø  How important is it to know about the professional history of the teacher?

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1) Very important            2) somewhat important          3) Not important        4) No idea      

Ø  Should the instructor assign course work in class or online?

1)      In class                       2) Online on portal                             3) doesn't matter

Ø  The marks of each course work should be uploaded online instead of only the final grade.

1)      Strongly Agree           2)Agree           3) No idea       4) Disagree     5) Strongly disagree

Ø  The instructor should take class attendance online on the class computer.

1)      Strongly Agree           2)Agree           3) No idea       4) Disagree     5) Strongly disagree

Ø  Do you, as an instructor, want to make appointments with your students online?

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1)      Strongly Agree           2)Agree           3) No idea       4) Disagree     5) Strongly disagree

Ø  How important is it for you to get the feedback of your students about your teaching methodology?


In my opinion, MySlice should replace the Faculty sub-system. But in order to make the new features added to Faculty sub-system effective, MySlice will have to make improvements in Students Services sub-system accordingly. In order to know the user's preferences, following business requirements and rules are brought forth.

Two way communications between the faculty and students is required to be developed. The teacher gives his feedback through marks or personal addressing. But the students do not have an opportunity to evaluate their teachers. The teachers should also be given a feedback from their students for their improvement. Feedback should be sought from students and fairly communicated to teachers without disclosing their identities.

The Professional profile of faculty, along with personal profile i-e contact information, address etc, is needed. The students can get to know about their instructors more closely. Visitors of the website of the university should also be given access to view this information to make a better choice for admissions.

The method of online attendance should be adopted. This will save paper work and automate the record keeping procedure e-g leave status will be updated automatically and the instructor will be able to keep record of his student's attendance in a particular class..

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New announcements about the course work should be made by the instructor through his portal. And it should be accessible to the students.

The faculty submits the grades at the end of the semester. Instead of this practice , the faculty should upload marks of each element of course work online i-e assessable to students.

The procedure of taking appointments should be improved. The faculty should be given a system where they can be easily assessable to their students. They should be able to make appointments online through portal.

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