South West Airline

Southwest airline is known for being unionized unlike other lines that operates aircrafts. In terms of maintaining the aircrafts, they have the best technicians. Its success can also be attributed to fair prices in all the services that they offer. The airline does not involve itself with many services making it possible to provide quality services, owing to specialization. This has enabled them to realize high profits than other organizations.

By offering turnarounds of 10 to 15 minutes the short flights are faster and in the end, the south west airline is able to make many trips compare to other airlines that operate long flights. In the end, the company makes a big profit. The short flight is also significant for the simple fact that aircrafts are airborne.

The airline faces a number of challenges. It has been criticized for not offering services outside America. This has limited the number of passengers they can carry in a given day, reducing their profits. In order to solve this challenge, the company should increase its operation beyond the borders of America. Another challenge lies in growth. The company has not channeled its efforts towards growth. For this reason, the growth is a go slow. For example, the company does not involve itself in any market unless it sees the conditions are favorable. This has left many communities admiring their services. To solve this problem, southwest airline should consider all the communities and establish markets there.


South west airline should be targeting other markets beyond America. This should be one of the plans in the future. Also in the pipeline are plans to finish the fourth airline by the end of 2011. This will help to improve its revenue. Southwest ha plans to offer services direct to several international airlines in Caribbean and Mexico. Gary C. Kelly has already confirmed that he can continue improving the profits. For instance, as the president of south west airline, he has already helped the company to acquire a number of assets. For instance, the company acquired ATA Company, after it became bankrupt. This was a move to get certificates to operate all the landing facilities formerly owned by ATA. In 2009, southwest wanted to increase its operation through buying frontier airlines. This is a confirmation that Gary has the potential to maintain high profits.



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