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Case Study Analysis

Case study is simply a method of research mostly employed in social sciences (Thomas, 2011). A case study comprises of an exhaustive investigation of an individual, an event, or a group. Case studies do offer some numerous benefits to a student. For instance, a case study illustrates what a student may have learnt and absorbed during a particular period. Furthermore, it offers students with important practical experience. Another important factor is that, during the analysis of a case study, a student's skill of solving problems is checked. Rather than following an inflexible protocol or using samples, case studies involve profound examination of a certain event or instance (Thomas, 2011). Case studies provide a methodical way of collecting data, reporting results, and analysis of information. Consequently, the student may gain a clear knowledge of why some things happen the way they do (Hancké, 2009).

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For example, in this case study some of communication problems encountered during research are evident (Gerring, 2005). The main aim of the case study was to establish the efficiency of the foreign aid in the assisted countries. This then leads to many questions such as, how foreign aid has improved the lives of the recipients, and how those in power misuse these funds through diverting them for personal gain. It was very difficult to find an answer on the effectiveness of the distribution of foreign aid. This is due to many figures found in the internet are conflicting and are not precise. It was equally difficult in determining how foreign aid has helped in alleviating poverty just as the task of determining the effectiveness of the aid. Majority of the sources had dissimilar views thus using the government websites and those for NGOs were necessary. It was also essential to put in mind that the embezzlement of the foreign aid is still there, and this can make the government websites to have some inexact information (Alan, 2009).

At first, I had stuck to the original program of the study but gradually some related areas like the correspondence of economic development, and the amount of foreign aid given became necessary to touch. For instance, what came out was that, a quarter a century ago people used to go without food, same as nowadays, but upon research this does not seem to correspond with the foreign aid offered. In addition, some countries have grown economically and from common sense, the aid would equally fall, but this does not seem to be the case. Another issue that arose during the case study is that the aid has helped to reduce levels of infant mortality. It is significant to note that, the levels of literacy were considerably lowered in some areas. One of the interference that came along was that some of the sources seemed to concur with the foreign regimes that were corrupt and cannot escape this problem of aid misappropriation, and abuse (Dul, 2008).

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Some of the difficulties encountered when narrowing down the information gathered from websites was to obtain the relevant materials the case study. As pointed earlier, the corrupt regimes from both foreign and recipients nations were difficult to point out thus making my research a bit difficult in trying to eliminate the misleading websites. Another problem was that some of the materials obtained were dealing with other aspects of aid, which were not involved in this particular case study. Most helpful were subheadings and introduction parts of all topics that were useful for the study.

After carefully reading and weighing the relevance of all articles, I decided to include the relevant ones and discarded the irrelevant ones. Another daunting task was after obtaining fourteen vital sources, still the material needed to be narrowed down, and this led to verification of some of the information therein which is time consuming, and tiresome. In addition, avoiding lengthy prose became a problem. Some of the research methods used was interviews and observations. However, there were some conflicting views from the interviewers and interviewees and this caused some confusion. On top of that, the internet proved to be a useful source in this case study (Sheffer, 2010).

Some of the recommendations that may reduce the embezzlement of foreign aid may include; forming bodies that will be in charge of distributing funds in the recipient nations, amount of aid should correspond to economic development, punishing corrupt leaders and informing the citizenry about the aid. If both the citizens of the recipient and the providers of the aid are well informed, then the public will demand for transparency hence lowering corruption levels. In doing all this, foreign aid will kick start many projects thus help many people as intended. It is also important for aid providers to consider the growing economies and the ones that are stuck when providing the aid (Dul, 2008).

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In conclusion, it is clear that the weak economies do need foreign aid to help in lowering poverty levels. When the poverty level of a country is above seventy percent, then social amenities like healthcare will be quite unaffordable to a majority of the citizenry, therefore, it is necessary for the governments that are receiving aid to make sure that it is efficiently utilized. If governments use foreign aid is properly in education sector then the poverty levels will definitely reduce, since education is the key to a better life. Donor countries should also note that, aid has considerably improved the lives of many citizens across the globe, and if it is not offered many people will suffer.

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