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Critique of ADA and Affirmative Action

In this paper a critique about the interrelated relationship between ADA and affirmative action has been provided for a better lifestyle for all those people who are often treated under the subject of discrimination.
Critique of ADA and Affirmative Action


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There is a very interesting connection between Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Affirmative Action. Though affirmative action refers to some of the selected discriminatory actions, ADA has been made an integral part of it. In this paper this interrelationship has been checked for a comprehensive understanding of ADA and Affirmative Action. The approach looks in to the interconnected status of affirmative action and ADA with a balanced context of improved lifestyles for people of America.

ADA of 1990 and Affirmative Action

ADA of 1990 has been usually recognized as a legal proceeding that prevents discriminatory actions against all those American people who are disable and are not physically or mentally independent. It is a regulation that gets noted under a wide-ranging peripheral status of civil rights law.  Under proper speculation ADA gets identified as an extension of Civil Rights Act confirmed in 1964. As this act of 1964 protects Americans from getting into the grip of discriminatory circumstances based diversified status of religion, race, national origin, sex and other illegal activities. As an extension to the Affirmative action of 1964, ADA considers the state of disability as a condition under physical or mental impairment and get limited in comparison to the general lifestyle. It is the initiation led by President George W. Bush in establishing ADA Amendments Act of 2008; that is ADAAA that included the selection of disable people for gaining maximum social and political benefits.

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Affirmative action stands in the way of managing with the determined infrastructural modes of establishing equal living stats for people from different walks of life. It has been developed by President Richard Nixon under the proceedings considered under the Philadelphia Plan. Affirmative action is a very strong initiation that provides legal authorizations against the sustainable maintenance of equality in the American society. Affirmative action in particular restricts discriminatory acts led over people in the name of color, religion, sex, race or national origin.

Moreover, affirmative action also laid emphasis over the activities to enhance the position of women n society. In this venture it creates opportunities for women and minorities in the field of jobs and education.  When these recognitions are provided with equal social status there remains disable people who are often neglected in the society and in professional careers. ADA in this context offers opportunities for the disabled people and gives than the chance to increase their educational and professional skills. It is definitely a positive aspect of adding reformation to the society and the supports led by the amendment acts like ADAAA 2008; need to get encouraged for proper execution. To a great extent, it can be noted the discriminations against disables are acted in professional lives and thus strict application of ADA should be added to the legal proceedings of social and political scenarios.


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Eventually, it can be established that ADA is an extended version of affirmative action developed by ADAAA OF 2008. In a simple way the motive is to establish equal platform for all those people who are not facilitate much in the day to day life. Special attention has been bestowed upon those people who are recognized as disable and are considerably deprived of general cycle of lifestyle. The ADA is thus can be identified as a legal proceeding that encourages e in the society and offers grounds for managing social and professional grounds for the disable Americans. Since the approached led by ADA and the amended ADAA are for the official benefits of the disable it is hereby recommended to extend this ideology on international grounds and every global citizen should be given the opportunity to live his life full.

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