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In this article, the main character appeared to be Stacy, she is about twenty five years old and has got her step father.

Stacy faced lot of problems and pressures in her life such as their tuition fees have to raise, her career stress and the worried about her term papers.

This article reflects not only Stacy but just like others with a similar kind of profession.

In this article reflects different persons such as Professors, detective, Policeman, manager, etc about the prostitution, escorts, they said that all of these acquired this kind of profession for their own certain reasons.

Some acquired for the sake of enjoyment, for handsome money, for paying their bills, fees and other kind of expenditures.

The main character Stacy goes out on calls to give pleasure to her client as a prostitute, some person was satisfied with her with oral but mostly get intercourse and some clients were drunk as well.

In different cities of Canada the escort agencies have raised up, they calculate their profit more than sixty percent and give the prostitute to forty percent for their services.

In only Canada the tuition fees rises up more rapidly rather than the other countries.

Mostly, the middle-class younger generation does not feel the prostitution as a shameful attempt.

In this article, some of the male persons also give their services as the girls were doing, and they feel the first shameful act but the act is not feeling shameful when the stomach is empty.

Some of the persons pointed out Stacy that she is taking the money, so she is just like the other prostitute but Stacy corrected and said that I put this kind of work behind her for good.

The conclusion of the article is that every person pointed out the finger easily on the prostitutes, but they never know what kind of circumstances that she was ever faced in her entire life.



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