How Racism Affects Human Individuality and Development


Racism has already one of the longest time issues that humans have had to deal with. It could not be denied that this issue has long been affecting the human individuals all around the globe. However, in the pages of history, the consideration on racism has first been brought about as the understanding on American-African slavery came into realization. It could be seen through history that the inequality of the society is manifested through the treatment that others have on other people from different races. (Name that Town, NYT, Internet)

Discrimination of the Whites against the Blacks in America practically etched a great indication of slavery and inequality in the face of historical backgrounds of human dealings. It could be sensed that somehow, the dealings of human individuals are calculated by some as part of the individual being that they are; whereas the individual aspects include that of their personal identity, their race and the generation that they have been born to.

Several writing and several approaches have also been already used to depict this particular issue in the human society. It could not be denied that somehow, the understanding by which humans perceive the indications of discrimination in their society and within the environment that they are living and working with have been manifested through a series of novels already. The authors, trying their best to communicate their thoughts about the unfair effects of discrimination makes a practically definite consideration on how inequality is being dealt with by many today and how this issue could and should be resolved.  In the discussion that follows, understanding how difficult discrimination has to be dealt with by several individuals around the globe from years then until the present times shall be better initiated through analyzing two major writings “Apex hides the hurt” and The Street” (Name that Town, NYT, Internet). Through analyzing these writings, a definite consideration on the thoughts of both authors of the said pieces of literary shall be identified as to how they carefully relate to the indicative applications of hurt and considerable results of discrimination that human individuals from the minority groups need to face with everyday.

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Who is I’m?

As used in class, “I’m” is the coined reference for the unnamed character that Colson Whitehead used in his writing “Apex Hides the Hurt”. Being a nomenculture consultant, or a name-giver of products, campaigns and other marketing approaches used by business entities, “I’m” was given the opportunity to handle the naming of different items that are released in the market for consumption of the public. Considerably, Apex is one of the products that he named. It was a name that “I’m” chose for a particular band aid. However, in this story Apex does not only refer to the product itself but also to the factors used by the characters involved to hide the hurt that they are experiencing from their daily dealings that involves the definite contemplation of discrimination in the society that they are living in; this especially pertains to the hurt that the main character himself has to battle with as he is an African American who tries hard to manage himself to submit to his White superiors.

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As part of the naming spree, I’m was insisted to deal with the need of naming a town. The name choices were Winthrop [the original name]; New Prospera [the proposed new name] and Freedom [a definitely enduring name that describes the history of the place as it was reclaimed from slavery when it was first discovered]. These three names have in their own ways an effect on how the people from outside the town would actually recognize the meaning of the town itself as suggested and implied by the ones pursuing the renaming of the place. It could be recognized through the story though that as “I’m” tried to create possible positions in the naming of the town, he was torn into seeing the history of the area and the actual way by which the administrators and founders of the place would actually want to present it to the public. Choosing New Prospera to be the new identification of the town suggested the want of the people and “I’m” to have the place be recognized as something prosperous and practically easily adjusted to the wants of its residents simply to be able to live in a prosperous way. Definitely, it was this name that suggested what the administrators want it to look like, but the question is, is it really the right recognizable truth behind the reputation that the town has? Could it be that “freedom” be the right name, however, its history is not what is important to its administrators?

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This is what modern marketing is all about. The consideration is practically directed to whether or not a particular matter is appealing to the public or not. The appeal that a certain matter makes on a person creates a more defining edge as to how the public would likely accept a product, a service, or in this case, the marketing of a town. Even though history itself suggests something else about a place, at times, what solely matters is its marketing. The name needs to be appealing enough for the market to appreciate and thus enables the community within the town generate some income.

The aim of gaining monetary returns has long been the cause for marketing, and because of this, the realities of certain matters are hidden from the public knowledge so as to simply create a notion on their minds that they are indeed seeing the “real thing”. In this story, the scars of discrimination are the one that is being covered. The reason why it is called Apex, the name of the band-aid that “I’m” himself has named, is the fact that there is something being covered by that of the name that is being pursued by the administrators of the town. And that band-aid name intends to show something else, and somewhat cover the wounds of the past with an alluring name that could identify it to be at least an avant-garde society where everyone would love to live in.

Seeing Racism through the Eyes of I’m

“I’m” being a black African-American had to live with the issues of discrimination both within the society that he intends to live with and at work. As he tries to please his bosses’ opinion on his works, he is forced to take on measures that are at some point not that inclined with what he really likes. In this case, he tries to instantiate his identification through the use of his career. No, he does not fight anything or anyone at all but it is clear that he is in the middle of making practical amends as to how he should be able to face the challenges of his work and still be able to preserve his identity, his race. It could be observed that somehow, there are many reasons why people today try to manage through the system even when in the middle a discriminative society that is ready to handle the most ridiculous twists and turns just to be able to make one compromise his beliefs and his being as he tries hard to keep up with his responsibilities as a person and as an individual who owes much from the race that he has come from. There is nothing wrong with facing the need to tolerate discrimination as much as needed for one to be able to survive, but giving in to the situation where one is to be victimized by this particular aspect in the current dealings of the human society is another story to consider.

A Relation of Theme to Ann Petry’s The Street

Ann Petry’s The Street is also one particular selection that suggests the challenges that minorities need to deal with. It could be seen that through the plot created by the author, she was able to handle showing how people belonging to the minorities of a society manage to mandate how they are supposed to survive all the downgrading effects of being discriminated from all the others (Reese, 2006, Internet). Basically, the attitude that they have towards the challenges that they ought to face as individuals would define how they are practically able to accept their situations and are yet able to survive these issues as they face the troubles that they have to go through every day.

In the story of Petry, Bub’s age has been the primary factors that have driven him into secretly becoming a victim of discrimination (Reese, 2006, Internet). As described in the story, although his mother was able to provide for his material needs, she was not able to manage his needs of growth; instead a neighbor who had evils schemes was left tending the child and teaching him all the crimes that he was not that aware of as yet. As his mother saw his development to her liking, she was not able to see the growth behind what she is able to realize. She does not know that the vulnerability of her child makes it easier for others to use him as prey for their schemes of greed and personal gains and set for him a path towards the juvenile prison home like where most young African Americans go to.

The unfortunate events that the main characters have had to live with notes the fact that people are less able to control matters due to the limitations that they are subjected to due to their race, their age and their identity which leads them to becoming more vulnerable to accepting this as they happen. They are rather subjected to the exact situations that have been putting their ancestors down to the level of hopelessness. It seems like as if that no matter how much they try manage their lives into the kind of life that they know they deserve to have, they are left hanging simply hoping things to turn out good. But before they could actually hope for things to happen according to their plans, they need to sacrifice a lot including that of the time that they spend with their families subjecting young children into the hands of those who are ready to devour their youth and their vulnerability for their personal gains. (Name that Town, NYT, Internet)


All round the globe, discrimination is a serious issue that minorities need to deal with. It could not be denied that this truth does not only affect that of the old ones at work but especially that of the young ones who are having lesser power in handling the different situations that are presented to them by the people whom they live within the community. Truthfully, it could be seen that both young and old are directly considered to be most affected by the effects of discrimination within the human society. This is the reason why the need to face discrimination and at least cease its existence is today’s most important quests that seems to have not been given practical solutions yet. 

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