Critical Thinking Toy Woos

The story of Toy woos, and Charlie Woo shows how this town has turned into a busy industrial area. This is as a result of immigrant entrepreneurs who facilitated to the fostering of a specialized commercial area. As a result, there is job creation for over 4,000 people who earn quite good revenue per year. The town in this case contributes to more than 50 % of the toys sold in America. It is clear that before Charlie woo started the first toy wholesale the district was referred to as a dead district. Thereafter development has been seen in the city one of them being that of attracting more investors in the city. The success of Toy town has extended to other neighboring cities where smaller toy making firms have spawned up. The migration of Charlie to the town has raised it from being a dead city to a strong and famous city in America.

Major cities in America include New York, San Francisco, Los Angles Miami as well as Chicago. These cities received both the expected and unexpected number of legal and illegal immigrants in the last quarter of a century. It is clear that if these cities never received this number of immigrants would have suffered from depopulation matters. These immigrants have contributed to the entrepreneurial part of the cities. That is immigration helped in the transformation of the cities economic landscape.

Today most immigrants are found in the suburbs compared to the 20th century as a result of immigration curtailment. In the early 20th century, there were no strong rules governing the immigrants. The main reason was that Cities were left for young professionals, entrepreneurs and others while the other category of people looked in for domestic accommodations. In the recent years cities have been left for entrepreneurs and people with professional career. On the other hand, immigrants have brought themselves with a strong family ethnicity and features of strong financial backing forcing them to live only in the suburbs.



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