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Human Behavior

Human behavior affected experiences that a person goes through and genetic inheritance. Individuals brought up in cultural context, including community, family and even religion. Theses social settings affect persons way of doing things, social setting affect how a person behaves, talk, socialize and attitudes towards work. Culture related behavior like speech, social roles and definition of gender duties deeply inculcated into the human mind and behavior operate without consent of individuals themselves. Every Culture comes with a different pattern and meanings. These patterns cut across expectation of behavior, attitudes towards work,     beliefs and values. In a society people acquire skills, beliefs and values from culture. People made of culture and genes. (Richardson, 4)      

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Cultures impact action in a social setting, what is acceptable varies from one culture to another; social group has code of behavior which are acceptable for it's members.   Within a social group,  there are measured behavior expected from children and adults or between genders, significantly as a person grows there are distinct behavior that they expected to portray.    

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This paper analyses impact of culture on behavior focusing on the decision or action plan. Focusing on my culture there are practices that are  acceptable and encourage but they may not be appropriate when applied in other culture. One of these practices is wife inheritance, according to my culture when a married brother dies another brother or a member of close family required by culture, to inherit the wife of demise brother. In my culture there is a belief that when a married person dies when his wife is still in child bearing stage, the wife of deceased should not be left to fend for life alone, a person assign to look after the family by providing for basic necessities and  acting as a father figure for the children. Person from close family setup is expected to continue siring children for the deceased brother and assist widow with material needs like money, food, and clothing for children and settle issues that arose in the family.     

This cultural practice has been transferred from generation to another, but in the current situation this practice is becoming dangerous because of emergence of diseases. Because of dangers that are involve this practice, the society is encourage to refrain from wife inheritance,       because one may contract HIV and AIDS if the husband of the wife inherited had died of disease. According to my culture this cultural practice is vital to keep the continuity of brother’s family. The society also beliefs that, wife inheritance is necessary to prevent the wife of the deceased person from taking children way from clan lineage. So when I was confronted by this issue I had to comply with the expectation of the society this action was informed by the expectation of the society. Being the closest next of kin, it is unheard of to refuse to take up roles in the family.      

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According to my culture it is a curse to refuse to take up roles in the family, these curses will follow children, and this aspect of culture is what informed my action. I was also compelled by my peers, and close relatives who argued that I will let down if I go contrary to expectation. My action could appear different if applied in other cultures; this is because some cultures especially in civilized societies the wives of the deceased could not agreed to be inherited. Also, the dangers involved in this cultural practice may make this practice be seen as awkward and backward.

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