Chevrolet's 'New Roads' Ad Aims to Put Zest in Driving

According to an article titled “Chevrolet’s ‘New Roads’ Ad aims to put Zest in Driving”, by author Jeff Bennett, , Detroit, General Motors Company is in the process of establishing a new campaign for advertising in its Chevrolet division with an aim of improving the company’s brand image globally and stop its market share slide in the United States. The tagline titled “Find New Roads” will be Chevrolet’s first during the global campaign and will replace the company’s former slogan titled “Chevy Runs Deep”. This article is relevant to various topics discussed in class because it demonstrates how various companies use new marketing approaches to help them increase their sales. This is done through the use of various tagline aimed at informing the general public about the company’s aims. The article further portrays how company advertisements can be used in connecting a company’s products with the consumers. It is through the article that the various concepts of advertising are discovered. For instance, the article portrays how a company like Chevrolet spends billions of money on advertising and marketing.

Through the article, the use of taglines as discussed in class are reflected to imply how they can be used for inspiring consumers towards the exploration of new destinations and reaching beyond normal either through visiting of new destinations, trying new things or taking different paths to work. Just as discussed in class, the use of taglines and slogans has been given priority in the article and it explains how important they are in inspiring workers and creating a positive effect on the general public. The use of taglines can be changed whenever a need arises and does it is no wonder that companies will always come up with different taglines during various periods. The introduction and subsequent use of taglines has been given priority not only in the motor industry but also in other industries as well.



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