The movie Superman is one of the entertaining and perplexing movies, and in one way or another, it contains a philosophy about fascinating nature of potential future of the humanity, in this case, the Americans. There are many sociological explored issues, which are not part of the superman concept. In case of understanding the superman, it is not significant at first to accommodate the philosophical ideas of superman that are mixed up in the comic activities of the hero whose work is to fly around in tights. The Superman is concerned with the preservation of justice and truth in the American way.

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A superman is in possession of a number of such qualities as cunning and intuition, superior intellect and ability to resist the utter moral codes and virtues that are self-defined. In the world, each person has some characteristics of influential leadership. There were some casual supermen linked to the human weakness, and many people in a society are unexceptional, which is an enormous challenge to a few supermen who appear on the planet. Therefore, the aim of the superman is either to subdue the weakness contained in the society or raise it to the level of that a superman (Wolverton and Shuster). The superman does not want to see the reign of Julius Ceaser regime again in the society, especially in the American one. As a result, the superman’s aim is to see humanity as healthy and morally self-sufficient geniuses. Superman tries to show that Americans have the power and the ability to evolve into something that is far superior to that of the contemporary humans.

Superman is a clear example of the existing mythical hero. The origin of superman can be linked to the creators of the man of steel (Beatty, Scott). Superman was to be a formidable hero whose aim was to end the enslavement of the innocent Christians and moral practice in the society. Like any other mythical hero, Superman is in possession of supernatural origin. He was ferried by his parents to the earth as the only survivor away from destruction of his planet. This is a mythical analogy like that of the old Biblical leaders and prophets like Moses. Superman also has some mythical links to Michael who was in strong opposition to Satan. Therefore, Superman does not support the immoral behavior of Americans and aims at seeing Americans to live their lives according to expectations of the mythical powers.

It is clear, that at first, the superman started leaping from tall buildings, and as time passed, he began to fly. At the same time, cars and airplanes started becoming a popular way of transportation for the American people. The superman is an image of the American super powers, and the message he wants to pass to the people is that they possess the mighty power to fight against all immoral practices in the society. He has a split of personality; one is his supernatural powers while the other one is in the profane reality that is in the everyday world. The godlike qualities possessed by the superman are the typical representation of mythical heroes. In this case a leading role is played by myths in the process of edification. Therefore, all cultural models show the cultural as well as ethnic diversities among the Americans. This is because such a hero shows an ideal that is easily identifiable, especially an American ideal. In his work the superman portrays a civil belief that is in trisection of other religions. This is a civil belief that has a concern for the cultural identity of people of America.

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Whenever the series started showing on TV, its statement was that one is able to fight for truth and justice in the American way (Siegel and Shuster). The Myth about superman in this case is obsession with ensuring that there is truth and justice to the majority. In this case his key role is to ensure that there is preservation of law and order in America. All his power is devoted to putting any criminal elements behind bars, especially when they violate private property. In other words, his powers are used to bring a change in the social conditions that bear urban crime, homelessness, as well as poverty.

Superman is a symbol that has no motif for stereotypes. This is because Superman has a super power to bring in behind the bars even the most dangerous criminals, but he has no power over legal injustices. Superman goes in to rescue every human being, irrespective of class, race, ethnicity or gender. The key role of this symbol is to make sure that America is safe to live in and free from all criminal gangs and activities. Therefore, Superman was a symbol of mythical model. A symbol and model whose aims were to promote cultural reality in the era of world war.

Superman has positive motive in protection of the property of Americans. This symbol goes in to rescue any American who requires help. It is clear that most people were in question of the powers of symbol although there has been a shift in the cultural reality of the world and Americans in general. One of these significant changes is that there are no longer rules for aggressive military power. Superman is a patriotic symbol in the American government because all that he does is for the good of America making it a better place to live in. He is also a symbol of peace and justice as he works closely with the police and other security departments to ensure that all the criminals are put behind bars.

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Superman is a clear symbol showing what America is alleged, in this case, as a superpower that should not tolerate small immoral activities to be practiced within its territories. In the outer context, America should observe security of the powerless countries over the direct exploitation by the powerful ones (Moore and Swan).

In conclusion, superman is an essential symbol that people can learn from his actions. It is not just a character or a story figure, but it is a clear representation of the aspects of human coordination. Human beings are capable of doing good as well as evil. Another clear aspect of this story is that both good and evil result from human actions. That is, people will always try to destroy each other with the aim of taking what belongs to another person. Therefore, the message from this symbol is that American power is not only for their good, but it should be widely used to ensure that there is peace and observation of justice to the humans all over the world.

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