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Comparison of Three Cities

Philadelphia is located in Pennsylvania's Philadelphia County. The city is 70.4 miles from Elizabeth and 48.5 miles from Allen town. It has a population density of 1,447,339 people. Whereby 46% are male and 54% are females (Philadelphia PA profile). Philadelphia has risen as a centre of biochemical and pharmaceutical companies. Printing and publishing industries; these industries feed the cities health and educational institutions (major industries and commercial activities).

Hospitals in Philadelphia         

Research done at Mercy Philadelphia hospital, shows there is 375 job openings in the hospital all in various departments. Each job posting has job specific information and its link so as to apply electronically. (Mercy Philadelphia Hospital: Employment, Jobs, career and work). Thomas Jefferson University hospital is also targeting employers especially a postdoctoral fellow to work at the areas of cancer and radiation biology. The experience needed is that one should have a PhD in molecular biology (postdoctoral position in micro RNA cancer biology at Thomas Jefferson University hospital (Philadelphia, PA).

Children's hospital of Philadelphia, it offers ideal atmosphere which one can use their skills. The employers also provide learning and growth in ones career, all this and many more attract more people to work in the hospital making it a job target (what it is like to work at CHOP).

Cost of living in Philadelphia

The cost of living in Philadelphia; has generally risen, with a rent index of 57.18, utilities like; electricity, gas, water etc going to 191.86$.Transportation was no different with one way ticket for local transport going for 3.08$. The cost to move from Philadelphia to Miami is 125$. (Prices in Philadelphia).

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Hospitals in Philadelphia

An emergency department clinical nurse 2, he does nursing care to the unit with least guidance. The salary of such a nurse is $ 65,000. This is at the children's hospital of Philadelphia. It was founded in 1885 because most childhood illness was treated at home. The hospital has three managers Francis West Lewis MD, T. Hewson Bache MD and R.A.F Penrose MD. All founded the Hospital (RN salary in Philadelphia).

A Pharmacy Bar code technician, at Albeert Einstein health care network, ensures that medications have a scannable bar code due to medication and his salary is $27,000. It was founded in 1864 by Moses Rosenbach (RN Salary in Philadelphia

Operating room technician 2; in provide supporting nurse care to patients, his salary is $70,000 in University of Pennsylvania health system. This hospital was formed in the 1700s by Dr Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin. (A Remarkable Legacy).

This is third most populous state in the U.S, with a population of 8,008,278 people with females amounting to 52.62% and males 47.38%. This is according to a census carried out in 2000.The major industries in New York are Clothing and wine, Electrical products, printing, agriculture and may more industries (New York State Geography).

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world and in fact is ranked as the 12th expensive city to live in the world. It is the most densely populated city in USA. The public uses public transport media as a mode of transport and contrary to believes most of the public do not own cars. Healthy wise, three quarters of New York City say they are in good health. 75 percent of new Yorkers have completed high school and 28 percent college.

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Financially, 17 percent of new Yorkers report a net worth of $100,000 or more while 41 percent have negative net worth. About 25 percent of families own their own home (New York City facts sheet). The median income in NYC is $49, 902with 66 percent family households made up of 48.2 percent male and 51.8 percent female. The median real estate snapshot is $193, 310 and cost per sq. ft is $176 (mydreamlocale.com).

The approximate distance from Miami, Florida to New York City I 1,753 Km and that is about 1,089 miles. And air fare is ranges from $175-250 round trip depending on the plane used (Travel math).

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