Discussion on Lei’s Article

The article shows us that for the Asian American students been quite and clannish gave them the privilege over the rest of the students since with their resistance to interaction with other students offered them minimal contact with the others. This gave them the status of been disassociated with other. The African American girls were often referred to as the "loud black girls" and their outspokenness posed a threat to those in powers, especially the teachers hence they can be seen taking a privilege of this to get away from punishments because their loudness had instilled fear in the teachers who could not dare stand against that because they were afraid to seen as racist. The other students can be seen fearing the black girls too since they had portrayed the character of been strong and loud to the other students (Cheung, 1997).

Identity statuses conferred upon Black adolescent girls and Asian boys in the U.S

In this article Ms Lei focused on two types of groups, the African American Girls and the Asian American Boys students. From the research carried out plus interviews she conducted it is see what the other students and teachers were thinking about the above named group of students. There is an identity of loudness, show off and control that the other students associated with the black girls. One teacher can be quoted saying that "you have just gotten in my class and you have taken control of it". It can also be noted that there is an identity of fear, this has grown up among the teachers and other students who cannot stand up against the girls who appear to be more feminine plus the fear of one been labeled as racist (Cheung, 1997).

In Ms Lei's article the Asian American male students can been identified with quietness and the clannish characteristics they do poses, i.e. "The mundane way in which bodily gestures, movements and styles of various kinds constitute the illusion of an abiding gendered self". Through this the other members of the school have been seen constructing an identity of quietness for their Asian American student's counterparts. One incident where a 'Black' girl student happened to date an Asian male student resulted to a war among the African American students with their Asian counterparts. This in turn confers with the clannish identity to which the Asian American male students are associated with by the other students.


Extent to which students' identity representations relates to them

From this article it can be see that the student's identities and characteristics are so much true to their representation as stated by the others. An example is how the black African American girls have used loudness as a strategy to defend themselves and intimidate other students. During an interview between Ms Lei and teacher Julie it can be witnessed that the black female students were standing in groups on the hallway talking to each other even when it was during class time and the students interviewed said to find it frustrating and difficult to walk past them. Black female students who caused disturbances in classes could not be punished with the teachers out of the fear of been labeled as racist and the students may be seen to take advantage of this. This and necessity has resulted been a form of strategy for the students and at the same time forming their real characters (Cheung, 1997). With the other students and teachers not standing up for such kind of behavior in the school it can be said to have helped in the construction of these identities for the 'black' girls.

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My reaction to this article

This article goes to a great length of covering how the students in the United States performance in education is been shaped up by their personal characteristics and how they relate to each other. The writer explains how stereotypes used can really be associated with the 'black' girl's characteristics. "Loud Black Girls" is the main stereotype used to describe the black girls by the other students and from the interviews carried out it can be seen teachers describing them as "loud", "Large" and "visible". This article is a master piece work for it covers everything from student's events and its association with their characteristics and how at the same time the students are taking advantage of their created identity to get away for their bad behavior when they don't follow the rules (Cheung, 1997). The author has done a good work of presenting how "racialized gender performativity" is enacted through complex process of negotiations at Hope High School and through this she has done a good work of challenging the current materialization of the "loud black girls" and the "quite Asian boy."

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