Biophysical and Social Culture

The economy of Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA has been declining due to the large number of homeless people in the county which is approximated to be about 9600. This condition has been brought about due to numerous factors such as unemployment, increased food needs and less income hence making some well-wishers wanting to step aside from giving them the support they have been offering.

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Due to these conditions, many cases are emerging as a result of distress, leading to mental illness, introverts, physical disabilities, depression, drug abusing and even the worst of all committing suicide. About 50 percent of Children and unaccompanied youths have been considered to be contributing to the increase in number of homeless persons. Curbing this condition has proved to be fruitless, since these children have been experiencing this kind of life from conception to young adulthood hence, depriving them with the fruits of development, socially, academically, emotionally and physically (Lang, 2010).

Adult homeless persons are also on the rise because most of them have been involved in criminal activities and released from prisons after being sentenced to a jail term with no jobs or some had stayed for long without getting employed. According to the reports given before, being homeless didn't mean necessarily being out of shelter because there were two types of shelters that accommodate the homeless people. These types of shelters are such as shelter programs and non-shelter programs.
Shelter programs were those meant to give some homeless people a roof to cover their heads while non-shelter ones were those who had no place to cover themselves other than living in poor conditions.

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Shelter program were such as emergence shelters which were meant to provide accommodation in the evenings or over-night and to add on top of that food was provided (Homelessconnectminneapolis, 2011). Other than the shelter program mentioned, there was also battered women shelters meant to safe and guide women who were being physically abused together with there children and finally there were transitional housing which was to accommodate you for a while as you look for means to sustain yourself.

Non-shelter programs like informal shelter were meant to cater for those who had a place to stay but temporarily. Those places were either given for free accommodation purposes or you pay a small fee for a while. Where as unsheltered are those who had no place at all to stay other than under uncompleted buildings, bridges and cars. According to Broeke, (2011) unemployment has been another factor contributing to high poverty in the county. Most people seek for employment of which there are limited vacancies. For the lucky few who gets their hands on the jobs they believe this will raise them out of poverty while those who fail to get the jobs, a big percentage do turn to drugs such as alcohol hence ending up abusing their bodies believing that they will forget about there problems.

Mentally ill people are also seen as contributing to the population of homeless. This mental disorder condition is approximated to be about 40% and persons living in these conditions don't need to be isolated to mental institution rather, they should be kept in normal environment and be given mental support since most of their condition come about due to the homeless trauma (Wilder Research, 2010). In order for these problems to reduce in Hennepin County, then there was need for those people living in those conditions to be guided through mental and medical chemical health care, training and placement, employment, comprehensive medical and dental care and many more (Family Housing Fund, 1999).

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This could help curb the problem. That is why, well wishers such as Business and Civic leaders, advocates, community members and the individual who have at one point gone through this homeless experience with Project Homeless Connect have ganged up to unite 125 separate service agencies in support of this homeless persons (Loiselle, 2008). To achieve this, they have built up shelters and drop-in centers to accommodate the homeless, improve service delivery, build capacity for support and implement system improvement.

According to National Coalition for the Homeless, (July 2009) homelessness is caused by complex circumstances which arise if a family will have to choose on either to get food, other basic needs and shelter. Hence, resulting to do without housing because they can not afford it.

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