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The Battle for the Queen

First, we have to organize ourselves and divide the roles. One of the committee members will be turned into a drone ant so that he will descend to the queen's chamber in the pretext of performing his reproduction role. The rest of us will be worker and soldier ants. The most important materials we will have are the chemical pheromone, formic acid and an antidote to formic acid poisoning. Pheromone is the chemical that ants secret in order to communicate between themselves, formic acid is the chemical that they inject when they bite, and the antidote is for protect the committee members from imminent poisoning from the ant bites (Holldobler & Wilson, 1990).

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These pheromones will help us to blend in unnoticed so that we can locate the nest. There are many types of pheromone; however, the vital one to have is the "propaganda pheromones'' used to confuse the rival ants and cause them to fight among themselves. Our journey will involve sending in our drone to the queen's chambers together with some worker and soldier ants. After locating the queen's nest, other committee colleagues will trigger frenzy fighting by secreting propaganda pheromones. The first reaction of the ants will be to start fighting amongst them, and then we will take out the queen in the pretext of moving her to safe grounds.

The drone ant that will go down up to the queen's chamber and about half of the worker and soldier ants will do finding the nest. The worker and the soldier ants will help to come up with an elaborate map on the structure of the nest. This is because these will be free to move around before the battle begins. The soldier ants will be particularly important in identifying the security organization as well as identifying an escape route after the battle begins that will be following him to take out the queen when the fighting begins.

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The soldier ants defend their nests by biting and injecting with formic acid; thus to kill those who come our way in the frenzy fights, we will use formic acid so that they do not recognize us as intruders. The formic acid antivenin will ensure that all the committee members make it out unharmed. Another strategy to defeat them will be use of the colony scent, which helps to identify intruders. We will have plenty of this sprinkled on the various strategic points so as to drive more soldiers out of the nest to search for the inexistent enemy outside. This will give us a chance to escape with the queen.

When a threat is reported in an ant colony, they take the queen into hiding; they seal her securely leaving a few soldiers to stay and guard her and the rest move to fight the invading force (Hickling and Brown, 2000). Our committee will capitalize on this knowledge by ensuring that the majority of those taking the queen into hiding are members of our committee. Later we will the kill non-committee ants in the brigade that are also protecting the queen and evacuate her.

Evacuation and transport of the queen will be done in the same mould that ants seal her in when a threat is reported. This will reduce attacks by the ants, as they will believe we are moving her to a better safe location. It will also help us to conceal her safely when in the outside to prevent confrontations with the authorities as well as to protect the queen from the summer heat, as she is sensitive to high temperatures.

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In conclusion, I believe that, in every battle, it is not the numbers that really count; it takes more than that. The tact, organization, superiority of the combat techniques and the level of knowledge about the enemy's secrets and mode of defense really counts a big deal in ensuring the success of the battle. In this case, these factors have really worked for us in ensuring victory in the undertaking.

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