Disparity Analysis Chart

This chart analyses the Disparities between two special populations of America. The data shows that the educational, economic and health conditions of American Indians are better than Hispanic/Latino Groups. In spite of low population of American Indians they are better off when compared to Hispanics/Latinos. The percentage population of American Indians who was infected by HIV in 2007 was only 0.4% as compared to 27% of the Hispanics/Latinos. The education level is nearly the same at Bachelor's level with a difference of only 1.5%. But there are higher disparities at Post Graduation level. Parental Care is also better in American Indians population. The poverty level of American Indians is comparatively higher than Hispanics. There has been nearly equal number of Initiatives taken to improve the living status of each group. More disparities are found in health care especially for infectious diseases like HIV. There needs to be more vigilant initiatives to be taken to enhance the health standard of these groups.

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