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Debunk the Myths about Studying Abroad

Many American students are not motivated to study abroad as they are often misinformed. They are usually bombarded with information that American universities are the best by default or that studying anywhere else is too expensive. Thus, they opt to stay at home and choose from the range of universities available. Still, students rarely think of the opportunities that travelling abroad gives them: learning a new language, getting familiar with a new culture, travelling to unknown places, making friends from all corners of the world, enhancing your employment prospects, and simply widening your horizons.

Common Myths about Studying Abroad:

International Graduate Programs Are too Expensive

For many people, studying abroad is an unbearable financial burden. This statement is a real myth, however, as there are numerous universities all over the world where students are provided with really accessible education or are even given the chance to study for free. Therefore, do not be lazy and spend some time searching for the university that will provide you with perfect conditions for studying.

If the cost of living is too high, you can try looking for a part-time job. There are lots of such opportunities for students. There are also chances to finance your studies with the help of grants or scholarships.

International Students Should Fluently Speak Their Second Foreign Language

Even though the university is not located in English-speaking countries, it does not mean that it does not offer courses in English. The benefit of studying abroad is that you will learn the second language easier as you will be surrounded with native speakers every day. However, the basic knowledge of the second language is a must at least to understand some everyday dialogues.

The Subjects and Teaching Are the Same Everywhere

Actually not: the education system, the requirements towards students, the academic program and expectations are different not only in different countries but also in different educational establishments in general. One cannot say that studying is the same everywhere: it depends on the experience and professionalism of teachers as well as on provided educational opportunities.

US Degrees Are More Valuable

Many students argue that US degrees are the best by default. However, evaluating degrees provided by universities of different countries is really tricky. Pay attention to education standards and specialties that may be developed on a higher level in one country in comparison to the other. So, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and find a nice university abroad.

It’s Impossible to Study and Work at the Same Time

If your student visa makes you legally able to work in that country, you can easily combine your studying and work. A part-time job in the foreign country has numerous benefits as you improve your language knowledge by communicating with people and also have some extra money to cover your expenses.

As you see, studying in foreign universities really has numerous benefits and is not that bad as many American students think of it. 

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