Essay on Bangalore

Students are often assigned to write essays on various topics. One of the possible topics may be Bangalore.

Knowing something that grabs the attention of the readers immediately can help you get a general idea about the city and choose the most appropriate approach for writing.

Bangalore is a capital of the Indian state - Karnataka. Of course, you can find the necessary information in the Internet, but it is only general information. While searching for necessary data, you will probably pay attention to such geographical indices as climate, population etc. Yes, it is one of possible approaches to compose an essay on Bangalore. But do not you consider it a bit boring?

It would be much more interesting to write about something extraordinary in your paper. Here are several facts you can use for composing the paper on Bangalore.

Interesting Facts about Bangalore

  • You can mention that Bangalore is one of the modern cities in India. People sometimes call it the “Indian silicon valley.” This city attracts tourists, because its modernism does not hide its antiquity. For this reason, millions of people visit Bangalore every year and admire its beauty.
  • In Bangalore, there are numerous awesome temples and castles. There are also 81 lakes in the city limits and about 200 near it. One of the most amazing places in this city is Ulsoor Lake. Millions of tourists dream of taking a trip there and visit its numerous islands.
  • Bangalore is a multi-cultural city where classes, religions and languages create a fascinating and original mixture. However, though it is a cosmopolitan city, it still holds on to its traditional features. Numerous festivals and events take place in Bangalore.
  • This unique city is a center of many famous educational institutions, scientific and research organizations, and important government establishments.

 So, you can write a simple essay on Bangalore, including boring facts on its politics and geography, or you can use some of the interesting points regarding this city and make your essay stand among the other papers.


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