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My Hopes, Goals, and Aspirations

I have had multiple goals, hopes, and aspirations for the future ever since I was a child. I have always hoped for something. Every single day, I had thought about my future, expressing my hopes and aspirations. At times, these thoughts were just impossible childhood dreams that eventually had left my mind after some years. But I still liked to sit and wonder about a number of things. My parents and other adults often asked me, "What do you want to become when you become an adult?" And I would reply to them, "I want to become a millionaire!" For some reason, I thought that my dream would be fulfilled as soon as I reach the magical age of eighteen. However, since I had never thought about the actual way to becoming a millionaire, this dream did not come true. Reflecting on my life and my attitudes, I started to think about my hopes, aspirations, and goals more thoroughly.

First of all, I started to think more about my hopes. I even looked up the meaning of this word in a dictionary. Now I know that hope is a strong yen that comes with a confident expectation that this wish will be fulfilled. Learning this definition, I realized that my craving only got stronger.

In its turn, the word aspiration is defined as a strong ambition, whereas in my case, they come from my hopes. When I grew older, I no longer wanted to become a millionaire. My desire changed and I wanted to be another kind of "a rich man" – the one who is able to pay back to the community. To be that kind of man, I decided to become a teacher. I have a strong desire to teach children the ways to become successful in the proper meaning of this word and face the pressures of our world with dignity. Now it is high time to start acting to achieve this aspiration as one has to keep and attain one's goals.

The dictionary says that a goal is an idea toward which one directs one's efforts. I have several principal goals. First, it is putting God on the primary place in my life as all things are possible to achieve through Him. Second, it is remembering that working hard is worth it when you can see the outcome of your work. When I will enter college after high school, I will keep on working toward this goal. I understand that working hard on my grades and skills is essential for gaining my degree. Third, my goal is to become a strong man who knows the tools to help others, especially children. I realize that I will face trials on my way. However, I also realize the importance of my goals, aspirations, and hopes. I have a strong yen to get the necessary tools, fulfill all my goals, and become the kind of man I decided to be.

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