In the modern world of unique decisions, euthanasia does not seem as a cruel process. Killing a person who is doomed to death anyway, lets that person die without suffering and leave this world in peace. On the contrary, there are a lot of arguments from the religious and moral sides as it does not matter how you kill a person, you still deprive it of life. Here are some points both for and against euthanasia for you to decide, should it be banned or legalized.

Making a Decision upon Euthanasia


People often feel pity for others, when they see someone suffering. The first thing that comes to mind is to ease the torments. In case of mortal disease, there is only one way to make a person feel better – kill him. Unfortunately, there are still incurable illnesses in the modern society and people see no other choice rather than resort to euthanasia. Even those who suffer agree that it is better to stop feeling anything than feel this unbearable pain.


Taking care of people, who cannot be treated, is a real challenge. Moreover, this challenge is doomed at its beginning. There are little chances for anyone to recover from a lethal bed. Hospitals and relatives waste so much time and resources for the patient to stay alive at least for some more time that they do not notice how they exhaust themselves. Euthanasia here is a way out and it makes it easier when an ill person understands that.

Even though there are strong arguments for implementing euthanasia as a legal process in our everyday life, there are still a lot of opponents who also have their point of view.


God is the only one who can take away people’s lives. Deprivation of life regardless of form (either it is self-defense or intentional murder) is not religious and moral. The same concerns euthanasia – nobody gave people rights to kill, even if a person wants it. Suicide is also not a way out, as it is punished even more severely. God’s disobedience is a great sin and that is of high value to respect main religious commandments. Do not kill – this is what is said in the Holy Bible, and this phrase includes all types of murder, without any exceptions. People must fight for their lives till the end, even if they can hardly see a way out – if they deserve, God will help.

Hitler’s Euthanasia Program

During the World War 2, Hitler made a lot of cruel decisions. However, perhaps the most awful was a legalization of euthanasia. He allowed killing terminally ill people by making them a lethal injection. Consequently, it went out of control and in order to conduct their inhumane experiments, doctors took children from their parents to study them and then kill. It gets even worth if to understand that this happened on Earth, a bit more than 50 years ago. This is how inappropriate laws can cause mass murdering.



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