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In the process of learning, needs of all learners should be met. Many educationists stress the importance of meeting individual needs of all learners, and they say that this is the only way that education will produce the best results. They believe that all learners are different, and these learners should be presented with stimulating environments that will reveal their potentials. These theories should be applied to children at their early stages of lives. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences should be applied since it will help educationists understand how to impart knowledge to children. This will help the education system to produce the best results.

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Howard Gardener

This psychologist proposed the theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to this theory, individuals have diverse ways of learning and processing knowledge and information. Every person has a unique way of processing this knowledge, and this leads to a phenomenon that Howard called Multiple Intelligences. Many educationists have used Howard’s theory to guide them construct their curriculum, and these curricula have been successful. This gives credit to Howard’s theory. In fact, many scholars have said that this theory is indispensable in the modern society that encourages the autonomy of all people (Alexander & Philip, 2006). Therefore, applying this theory will be a big step in the education system.

Howard’s theory can also be used to test people’s intelligence in a more effective way than the manner in which these tests are administered. The IQ of people is measured through linguistic and logic intelligences. These methods can disadvantage some people since the intelligence of some people lie in other areas rather than logic and linguistic competence. In most cases, these people score low in IQ, but these people still reflect high intelligence levels in other areas. Therefore, Howard’s theory of Multiple Intelligences can be applied to children in order to establish the spheres in which these kids perform best; this will make a significant contribution to the education sector since educationists will know the best things to teach to different kids (Travers & Travers, 2008).

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Strategies for Integrating Howard’s Theory to Children’s Literature

One of the strategies that can be used to realize the above is developing local and flexible programs. This will help the educationists to provide the best education that will cater for the needs of all people. This is because this program will leave a place for creativity, good performance, understanding, and exploration. Therefore, children will learn with zest.

The other approach that is applicable is the insistence on morality. Learners should be encouraged to do things that are acceptable to the society. This will ensure that learners pursue avenues of knowledge that will assist and change the whole society. They will avoid unethical practices, and the society will develop a great deal since a lot of talents will be directed towards the good of the whole society (Colin, 2005).

Literature Selection

Alexander, A., and W. Philip. (2006). Handbook of Educational Psychology. New York:   Routledge.

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This book advances different psychological issues that affect education. The authors of this book note that children are different and their needs need to be met. The authors say that each person can play some vital parts to assist in the development of different spheres in the society. Therefore, this text can be used to support the first strategy of the application of Howard’s theory.

Colin, W. (2005). Moral Education: Beyond the Teaching of Right and Wrong. New York:          Springer.

In this book, the author says that learners have a responsibility of adhering to the moral standards of the society. He says that children should be made to understand the supremacy of the society, and they should adhere to the rules of the society.

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