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A modest proposal is a satirical work that criticizes the Irish. Jonathan Swift makes the reader detest the speaker and pity the Irish. This is because the speaker gives some disgusting recommendations to solve the Irish Crisis. Jonathan uses a language that is only fit for animals, and he manages to turn people in to meat which can be sold in pounds. However, this is a satire, and it can be applied to many countries today. This satire is applicable to the US situation. The government should provide some advantageous provisions that will work for the good of the poor and vulnerable; America should relax its policies on areas including tax, exports and imports and cost of social amenities to improve he lives of Americans in the poor bracket.

Taxing our Absentees at Five Shillings a Pound

This title is simply unrealistic; a person cannot be taxed more than he earns. However, Swift uses this satire to criticize the imposition of exploitative taxing policies. Swift seems to suggest that people should not be excessively taxed as this will only contribute to escalating levels of poverty. In America, the taxes are so many, and a person ends up being taxed “five shillings a pound”.

Absenteeism refers to absences from workplaces that result from factors such as sickness, family issues and other related reasons. Absenteeism is very costly to the economy, and many companies, governments and employment agencies tend to increase the number of workers so as to cover for the cases of absenteeism. In America, about 2.8 million work days are lost to absenteeism. This means that a lot of loses are incurred (by the government). In 2003, a research showed that, on average, 6% of any workforce is absent, and the companies increase the number of workers by 10-20% to cater for the absenteeism. This means that 10-20% of extra wages must be reserved for these cases; this has a very great toll on the economy.

Therefore, America should impose strict laws to guide cases of absenteeism. This will discourage absentee workforce, and a lot of resources will be saved. For, instance, the US government should reduce the number of instances for the eligibility of any form of absenteeism.

Using neither clothes nor household furniture except what is of our own growth and manufacture

The American, foreign policy allows other nations to do trade with this nation; this will increase the relations with other countries. Most countries are united in trade, and this ensures that the various countries have good relations. For instance, America gets a lot of oil products from other countries, and this contributes to good relations with other countries.

Evidently, this proposal will have negative impacts on the world of trade. America should not be confined to using her sole products. This is because other countries have good products that will be of benefit to Americans. For instance, some foods that grow in Europe cannot do well in America. Therefore, the two regions coalesce in business. They start some fruitful cooperation to exchange these goods. This will also increase the variety in the markets since people will have options among various products.

America harbors people from all over the world. Unlike the society in A Modest Proposal, America is full of people from different cultures, political affiliations, religions and expectations. Therefore, America is a very dynamic society, and the use of all American goods could cripple some parts of the economic aspects of this society; the rest of the world plays a key role in maintaining people in any given part of the world, and America is no exception.

This satirical quote seeks to discourage any nation’s self centeredness; all nations must work together for the good of all nations. For instance, America imports some goods to other countries, and it also exports its goods and services. No country can develop in isolation from other countries; thus, relationships among various countries are essential for all countries.

Utterly Rejecting the Materials and Instruments That Promote Foreign Luxury

This statement seems to suggest that this society will bar other cultures from integrating with the society’s culture. Jonathan Swift proposes this to the Irish, and as a satire meant to criticize the Irish authorities. The Irish authorities have a very poor system that is leading to the suffering of many people, and Swift feels that the foreigners and the foreign culture have led to the deterioration of things. However, this is not true, and the Irish authorities are to blame for all this.

In America, People get items they need despite the country of origin. However, these needs must meet the American standards in order to be admitted in the American market. People in businesses dealing with foreign goods must also meet the legal requirements in order to be admitted in the American market. Therefore, the state plays a big role in regulating the markets in the country. People who can afford these goods can buy them as this adds to a variety in life. Restricting the importation of foreign goods will not be beneficial to any country (including America); in fact, it will just put barriers to profits in the international market. America engages in international business, and Jonathan Swift’s proposal will not act on the good of America.  America values international trade and this nation encourage people to appreciate others. Therefore, America accepts many cultures from across the globe.

A Modest Proposal Analysis. Custom A Modest Proposal Analysis Essay Writing Service || A Modest Proposal Analysis Essay samples, help

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