Themes in Frankenstein

A person who is abandoned by parents, friends and family, becomes an outcast in the society. Such a person feels unworthy to fit in the society, and this person is laden with loneliness; he can do anything to receive appreciation by other people. This loneliness is reflected when the creature approaches Victor and tells him to create a (creature’s) mate (Shelley, 2010). The creature wants to have a mate to feel wanted. Apparently, humans do not accept this creature.

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The monster does not have friends, relatives or even a family, and he feels very lonely. His efforts to connect with humans prove futile; this creature is different from humans, and humans fear, reject and abhor him; they take this creature as fearsome monster, and they do not accept it in their midst. In fact, even Victor, the creator, does not accept the creature, and he is abhorred by the creation (Shelley, 2010). The creature reacts to this by resulting to harmful behaviors; he starts killing people.

Guilt can act as a positive agent in a person’s life. The author reflects this in Frankenstein’s life. Frankenstein creates a creature that kills many people and the guilt associated with this makes Frankenstein seek to find and kill the creature. A person feels a need to rectify the wrongs done. As a result, this will make a person feel a sense of worth. Frankenstein knows that the creature is responsible for the death of these people, and he wants to ensure that the creature is killed (Shelley, 2010). He pursues the creature in some rough, cold terrains, and he almost loses his life before he is rescued. However, he still wants to pursue the creature even when he is aware that he is does not have enough energy to do so. Therefore, he leaves the task to another person; Frankenstein wants to ensure that the creature is killed.

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