“Author Function”

Michel Foucault’s theory as portrayed in his article “What is an author” calls more about “Author function”. In his explanations about the author, Foucault comes up with a theory to support that “an author” remains an important perception in a literary world. According to his 1969 essay, he affirms that an author is a very essential classifying principle owing specific discursive ideas. In respect to the modern concepts, Foucault states that historical progression would help in liberating the readers from the author domineering.

In challenging the Author’s ideologies in the “What is an author”, Foucault disagrees with many perceptions about the meaning of an author. The literature claims that “the birth of a reader results into the death of an author”. Michael Foucault’s theory totally disagrees with this form of literature. Foucault argues that millenarian vision’s time is yet to pass.  This is confirmed by the continual effort about literature “ownership” in all manners of sense. So far, Michel Foucault's literature, which permits all articles to enclose “an author”, remains an important perception in a literary world.

As far as Michael is concerned, an author should be an informed person whose ideas are well relevant to the society. In relation to his critics, he regards many authors’ ideologies as out dated. In clarifying some of the reasons behind his disregard to the text, he says that an author should be a person with enough theory back up. Moreover, before any article is produced, the author should be sure to have all the facts relating to the theoretical support.

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