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Humor in Women’s Writings Analysis. Custom Humor in Women’s Writings Analysis Essay Writing Service || Humor in Women’s Writings Analysis Essay samples, help

Women’s writings are actually considered to contain more emotions compared with the writings from male writers. Truthfully, although their write-ups present the truth, it could be seen how women always see the lighter side of things through the utilization of humorous matters that are able to present the truth even though how hard to take as they are in a rather lighter picture. It could not be denied that this is because of the fact that most of the writings of women are considered to be more on the emotional side of the description of matters.

To give proof to this fact, this paper shall discuss about the writings of Elizabeth Clavendish, Dorothy Lane and Jane Sharp which are all publicly released for mass reading. Most of their writings create a more definite description on how women deal with the most important and likely the hardest experiences that women themselves need to deal with. Through this particular discussion, it shall be further examined how women practically utilize humor to further lighten up their presentation of the thoughts and the opinions that they would like to convey to their readers.

Seeing the Lightness of Matters in

The Mother's Blessing, or the Godly Counsel of a Gentlewoman

Not Long Since Deceased, Left Behind for Her Children

Dorothy Leigh is practically known for her understanding of the most important compatibilities that women are practically capable of. Surely, it could be seen that through her experiences as a woman who have had perfect considerations on how a female individual deal with the challenges of life as an individual who has career ambitions, a person who has responsibilities to her family and has likeable considerations placed on her development as an individual who is able to balance her professional, family and social responsibilities to herself and the people around her.

In this reading, Leigh utilized the lighter side of the experiences that women have to deal with as they intend to balance their life’s focus and priorities towards the most effective procedures of dealing with their challenges and their responsibilities in life. Humor has been the basic source of a more relaxing mode on how they handle their roles to their families, their friends and their careers. One particular example is showing how women take care of their husbands and their children through seeing the best out of every particular chance of making a good sense of the chances that life itself presents to them. Leigh pointed out that women tend to be more optimistic in seeing things as they are able to adjust more abruptly with the chances of handling matters in a more relaxed manner. However, there are times when the moods of women are compromised due to natural reasons. Balancing through serious issues in life becomes much harder given these cases. But then again, with the use of proper manner of understanding the real situations that women have to deal with, Leigh somehow makes it easier for the readers to see through the more important surety of the most considerable responsibilities that they have to consider. Another matter to see through in Leigh’s writing is the fact that she presented the role of men in women’s lives. She practically entitled to make a good sense of what men actually make of women. Presenting both the good and the bad side of the situation, it could be seen that somehow, she was able to see through the important considerations that makes a woman love a man even when she is sometimes faced with the need sacrificing matters that are important to her life just for the sake of saving the relationship that she shares with him and her family. It could be noticed that although at some point the issues are serious, however through the use of light words, she was further able to find ways on how to present the entire matter in a rather especially acceptable pattern for the readers.

The Life of Women as Midwives in

The Midwives Book or the Whole Art of Midwifery Discovered

How women help women give birth and assist each other through one of the hardest yet rewarding parts of their lives. It could be considered that somehow, there are patterns of actual presentation on how women do their responsibilities towards each other. Truthfully, making a good sense out of these responsibilities and how women get through all the challenges through the utilization of humor. Surely bringing up the chances of showing the readers of the books how women handle their responsibilities effectively through a balanced position that would best allow them to compose themselves well as they prefer to completely manage the situations that they are facing as female individuals.

Understanding How Women Handle Change in the Reading

Loose Papers" (When I Lost My Dear Girl Kate)

The writing of Elizabeth Cavendish Egerton is basically a presentation of the different procedures women use to be able to handle the challenges that are practically able to provide them the strength that they need to take control of. Sometimes even loosing someone to death needs to be controlled considerably creates stress among women but still they have to push through with their lives as they basically have matters and responsibilities to complete for the people living around them. It could be observed that somehow, one of the procedures by which women try to manage the personal issues and the other matters that they ought to handle every day. Apparently, the capability of women to hold themselves together even when certain issues that are affecting their personal judgment may at times get in the way brings about the possibility of completing the responsibilities placed upon their shoulders. This is the particular featured presentation that Egerton used to handle the different considerations that women have to take into serious attention whenever they practically deal with heartaches even when they still have other matters to attend to. It is of course not easy to create personal diversion for one to not feel the pain of losing someone; however, getting back into one’s feet is essential. This is the reason why it is very important for readers to know how women intend to manage with the different challenges of their life.


Humor and lightness of word are among the most effective ways that the authors in this analysis paper practically used to get to their point and present the readers with the most important issues that provide challenge that women have to face every day. Understandably, it is because of these matters that make the readings that women write to be more effective on the emotional side of presenting facts. Surely, it could be manifested that somehow these elemental factors present within the readings make it easier for the readers to see how the entire procedures of women being able to deal with the hardships of life in a much victorious way.

Humor in Women’s Writings Analysis. Custom Humor in Women’s Writings Analysis Essay Writing Service || Humor in Women’s Writings Analysis Essay samples, help

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