The Epic of Gilgamesh Analysis

Gilgamesh has been known to be one among the many epics that describes the capabilities of humans to survive the different challenges that life has to offer them; this particular epic describes the existence of a demigod who has been able to manage the different parts of his life in a successful stand. Although the epic suggests that the main character is a supernatural being, it still manifests the fact that challenges are a part of life. Some of these challenges may hinder one if they are allowed to hinder dreams from coming true, on the other hand, if handled practically, these challenges could become the most important stepping stones that could be used to reach further towards the goals that one has set for himself in life.

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Believably, the story of Gilgamesh poses a different sense of understanding life as a god and as a human. This separation of perspective makes it both harder and at the same time easier for him to consider the challenges that happens to him in life. Harder because as a demigod, he is expected to deal with the more excruciating experiences that are sure to bring him into a sense of realization that he is indeed facing a great challenge of becoming more capable of handling different extraordinary matters that define his role. On the other hand, the question on how he is to become more human is also a great challenge for him as he needs to be careful as to how he treats humans around him.

Yes, the life of Gilgamesh is a journey that is never ending. Although his life has already ended, his being buried under the flowing waters of Euphrates makes his memories continuously remaining remarkable for the generations that followed him. Up to this day, the epic of Gilgamesh remains as a very important factor that defines the capabilities of humans to be able to make a definite understanding of what they are and how they are supposed to live their lives based on the perception that they have towards the challenges that they ought to meet. 

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