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Dante’s Inferno. Custom Dante’s Inferno Essay Writing Service || Dante’s Inferno Essay samples, help

Inferno 8 and 9 talk about with the lower side of hell. The lower side of hell is located in the city of Dis. The city of Dis is the location where there is punishment of the active sins rather than the passive sins. Stygian mash surrounds the city of Dis. Fallen angles guard the walls of the city. The protection of this lower part of hell is symbolic meaning that it contains serious sins. Virgil fails to convince the fallen angels to let them enter the city. The furies and Medusa even threaten Dante. However, an Angel from heaven touches the gate with a wand opening it thus securing the entry of Dante and Virgil. The Angel rebukes the Furies and Medusa too for opposing Dante. The episode is an allegoryrevealing the beginning of the poem to deal with complicated sins. Philosophy and humanism cannot understand these sins fully.

Relationship between Dante and Brunetto Latini

Brunetto Latini is in one central cantos of Inferno 15. Brunetto and Dante show have a great respect and great affection towards each other during their encounter in this Inferno. From this episode, Dante informs that Brunetto played a big role in his education. Brunetto was Dante’s mentor. Brunetto taught Dante to use intelligence and erudition while serving the city.

Presentation of Lucifer

A central zone that is frozen in inferno 34 contains Lucifer. Dante describes Lucifer as a giant. Lucifer is a beast that is terrifying having three faces. One face is red, second is black and the third face is pale yellow. Lucifer has six eyes from the three faces, two in each face. Dante describes Lucifer to be shedding tears from his eyes. Lucifer contains six wings and beats them as if he is trying to escape from hell. Each of the faces of Lucifer has a mouth to chew any traitor. The left mouth is chewing the feet of Brutus and the right mouth is chewing the feet of Cassius. The central mouth, which is most vicious mouth, is chewing Judas Iscariot. Here, Dante portrays Lucifer to be full of hate, ignorant and impotent.

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Dante’s Inferno. Custom Dante’s Inferno Essay Writing Service || Dante’s Inferno Essay samples, help

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