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Hampton Sides did a wonderful job in the writing of this interesting book. The author provides a detailed account of the events surrounding the historic rescue mission in a peculiar manner that it brings to the fore perseverance, courage and strong will of both Rangers troop members and the prisoners of war. The book leaves no stone unturned concerning the inherent capability and undying will of the American soldiers to serve their nation with utmost loyalty even at the times of great danger such as the rescue mission at the Japanese Allied Camp in Cabanatuan, Philippines. Without any doubt hanging over mental skies, the book depicts the true nature of American heroes; they are selfless and can do anything including losing their own lives to protect their own country and countrymen during the First and Second World Wars.

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The element of American heroism is depicted by Hampton in the Ghost Soldiers when troops from Rangers under the command of Lt. Mucci penetrated foreign boundaries into Philippines several miles away and invade the Japanese garrison so at the rescue their own countrymen notwithstanding high level of risks associated with the operation. American prisoners on their part safeguarded their nationalism hence remain loyal and true to U.S. throughout their stay in captivity especially at a time when death was daring them in the face while in  the hands of atrocious Japanese soldiers (Gary 176). The secrets of the United States remained well guarded by the American heroes.

In conclusion, the Ghost Soldiers accurately gives a comprehensive account of the First and second World Wars in regard to the existing international  relations between different world powers of the time. According to Professor Edmund Clarke, an American history scholar, the Ghost Soldiers reflects events that actually unfolded in the lives of American citizens between 1900 and 1945 with high precision. In general, the book is well written and I recommend it for general readership.

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