Reconfiguring the Networks


Routing is the process by which there is movement of data from one network to the other. The hosts do not necessarily need to be transferred as they have the ability to communicate among themselves. Route protocol is the process by which data is moved from one point to other using networks. There are several types of protocol including the internet protocol among others. There are devices which are used for the transfer of data from one place to another are called routers. These devices are connected at ends of the networks to ensure that they are able to obtain data and connect. These machines are developed in a way that they have the ability to speed up all the processes involved during routing (Malhotra, 2002).

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A router needs to be well designed to know the packets that it is supposed to change to when necessary. A router should be able to identify any information that is wrongly placed and sent. Routers should have the ability to discover any kind of information that has a problem and thus should communicate with the other routers automatically to alert them. This is achieved through the dynamic method of routing.

The dynamic method of routing is one which should not only detect that path to be used but also passes information about the paths that cannot be used and the information that is to be updated to a table. The use of dynamic method of routing is its ability to change its topology as compared to the static method of routing. It is a basic rule that these routers should converse in the same language to enhance the passage of information. Dynamic method of routing is one which is specially built and contains an algorithm. The advantage of algorithm is that they enhance the router have abilities to solve problems.

The ability of routers to transmit information is characterized by how they are connected. Routers must and should be connected to a particular network. This network should be ensured that it contains an interface which must also be having an address. This address is used as a mark that identifies where the information is derived from. During this process a metric is needed. This ensures that it provides the rates of certain networks before you send any information to them.

Routers must be very efficient in any information they receive or transmit. Each router must identify any problem arising during the transition of data. Static method of routing is one method that is constantly described as one whose administration is difficult. As compared to dynamic method of routing which is recorded as one with better automation, static is, however, not as hard as it is claimed to administer.

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Dynamic method of routing is one which is regarded efficient in it transfer of information. This aspect is one which is associated with different factors. The use of this method of routing uses more bandwidth and also uses a very big portion of memory. To avoid this in the company, we are supposed to use the link state method of routing. This kind of routing generates information about itself and then passes that data to all the other routers that have been connected. This aspect helps each router to identify and know the network it converses with and also that it will have the ability of calculating the path it follows without being dependent on the others (Ball, 1995).

Routing loop is a problem that is attached to networks and which appears when information is constantly supplied in circle without stopping. This problem is very disastrous to a network as it can permanently configure and destroy the network. This problem is attached and identified when a company decides to use the distance vector method of routing. The use of link state method of routing is the best process that is advised to use to reduce this factor. One must ensure that the hop-count is at maximum to help reduce this aspect. The use of split horizon is also another aspect thatreduces this factor of loops. Route poisoning has been discovered to be another aspect that has a strong effect in reducing the effects of loops.

The use of linked state method of routing is one that is studied to contain a lot of advantages. This method is known to withstand various factors that affect the distance vector method of routing is affected and suffers from. This method is constantly advised as it resistant to these issues. This method, however, has a disadvantage which makes it not very good. This method is classified to use a lot of space and memory. The best method of routing that is well ready to handle all these issues is the advanced distance method. This method is developed in that it has the distance vector and link state characteristics. An example of the advanced distance method is EIGRP (Parkhurst, 2004).

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The type of routing used tells the kind of services one expects. The use of dynamic method of routing is one that is very effective but one which uses a very big bandwidth. This method is also classified to use a lot of memory. This is an aspect that makes it not usable by many firms. The use of static is rocked by the fact that it does not satisfy the required concept. The linked state is another which is very effective but is affected by the aspect of using a huge part of the memory and storage. The kind of routing used depicts the kind of information passed and the problems that that network will face. The firm must come up with a well-documented study concerning the kind of routing to use to enhance the passage of information from one place to another.

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