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A cloud based point-of-sale system is a strategy that can be implemented for Walmart to enable better information technology functions. The strategy will allow different departments of the organization to communicate efficiently. The system will also enable the company to enhance communication between various stakeholders in the supply-chain and between different levels of employees (O’Brien & Marakas, 2011). In other words, there will be an effective sharing of information among managers and suppliers. Walmart can provide valuable information to its suppliers and customers with regards to products that are in high demand. Improvements for network and hardware systems can be done as described in the paper.

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For a computer networking system, various components are required for a smooth flow of information. This includes routers, gateways, networking computer interface, networking cables, a hub, switch, proxy server, a bridge and a firewall. A cloud based point-of-sale system will be used to integrate various components. Cloud computing will help to monitor purchase orders; moreover, it will help customers in submitting their orders directly through the web.

Developing cloud technology involves integrating computer hardware, such as drive HDD, CD-ROM, Nic card and many others. The shipboard network allows easy processing of information so that it is transmitted to different servers in the organization. In most cases, it is laptops’ hardware and servers that are not utilized to the fullest potential. Cloud computing helps in utilizing unused space; this is one of the prime benefits of virtualization. It also assists in consolidating physical resources, and it can separate servers from one another on the same physical server.

Computers will be connected to a hub. A hub will setup all computers to the LAN (Local Area Network). The hub system should only be activated when there is a need to share information across all devices. A router will help to connect two or more networks. Cables will connect a router to different computers. These networks will help to integrate pre-loaded catalogs and purchase orders. It will also enable the management to get automatic notification in case there is a need of reordering items. The network is connected to the inventory and, therefore, it is capable of setting a customs reorder point of a particular item.

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The installed LightSpeed cloud system will automatically add and replace labels whenever new goods are added or need to be changed. Cloud connectivity can be connected to iPad, and, as a result, owners of businesses can track information on debit and credit cards. A cloud based point-of-sale system has proved to be more secure than the traditional method. LightSpeed cloud system will help managers to connect to multiple stores across single database. With this technology, it is easy to transfer goods between different stores in all the locations.

Before building the infrastructure, a server operating system must be installed. This is important because a server will provide enterprise level features and management tools. A few examples of these features include: the capability of performing configuration and updates to software and hardware without restarting the server. The operating system will also offer flexibility in networking abilities, tight system security and automation capability. The operating system also serves as a crucial management point to every physical server installed in a blade chassis. It is also crucial as a management point when using virtual software installed on physical servers (O’Brien & Marakas, 2011).

The infrastructure requires a contingency plan in case of hardware failure. There should be more than one alternative to relying on in case of a disaster (Baltzan, 2011). One of the plans for this project is to have data backup in another location. This will keep the information safe in case of fire or terrorist attacks. Back-up software and hardware can also be used. In fact, hardware back-ups include hard disks and CD/DVD drives. Walmart can also hire website vendors to keep their information safe in the website. Such vendors should be trustworthy since it will take care of vital information regarding the business. Walmart should create a contingency team who will include a team leader, IT leader and department heads. The team leader’s responsibility will be to implement the contingency plan; the IT leader will restore services in the system, and management heads will be responsible for making sure that operations are running smoothly. The system will be installed with self-updating software that will ensure that all programs are updated throughout the operations.

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Every organization requires information system updates from time to time. Information technology keeps changing and, therefore, everyone should accept changes. Walmart can make better sales with more advanced technology that will enable it to connect with all its customers globally. Use of a cloud based point-of-sale system technology is an efficient way of connecting with different stakeholders in the business (Grünig & Kühn, 2005). This system can be integrated with Ipad in a secure manner than the traditional method of point-of-sale system. Lastly, having a close communication with customers and other stakeholders will increase business profitability.

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