The Importance of Economists

Most people know economists as experts who defend economic policies. Despite the significant role that they play in the development of the society, their advices and opinions to people have been received with little seriousness. The question is; why is the input of economists ignored in the society? Economists argue that the society does not understand their arguments, and consequently lack interest in whatever, they say. Self seeking individuals with special interest in economic matters also do muddy the understanding of the public so that; the public does not get to know the truth of what economists are saying. It is easier for people to believe the findings of scientists as opposed to what economists say. This has been blamed partly on the complexity of economics, making it hard for people to understand.

The greatest demand of the society regarding economics is the economics knowledge. For instance, knowledge of the way the economic system operates, causes of income inequality etc. As a result, most of our economists have ended up in the teaching profession. Economists are also important to us because they defend economic policies, which to a large extent favor consumers. It is no doubt that economists have great influence in our societies especially in matters such as theory of free trade, just tax system etc.

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It is a fact that economist are fundamentally important to the society. This is because they provide us with knowledge on how the economic system works as well as defending economic policies. It is ironical how little; economists are valued in the society, compared to their significance in matters of economics that affect all of us. It is high time that the society recognized their contribution in the development of the society and taken their advice seriously.

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