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            According to Hayward (2010, Pp. 12-18), Adopting a child is a process whereby a specific person does assume the parenting roles for another. During this process, the person adopting does transfer all the associated privileges and responsibilities from the natural parents of the person being adopted. Adoption process is aimed at effecting sought of permanent change in the adopted status and it is linked to the societal recognition through the religious and legal sanctions.  Adopting a child is the main idea as far as this essay is concerned. The essay seeks to critically discuss the child adoption process and the importance with the aim of influencing someone to practice it. The child adoption process and practice is critical in life as it does safe someone from succumbing into the tribulations of today’s life. Child adoption helps to shape one’s life after it had gone asunder by either the death of both parents or the neglect of parenting duties by the natural parents. In addition child adoption does give a victimized person room to recover from segregation and loneliness back into the society (Hayward, 2010, pp. 24-31). Adopting a child is an undertaking that is essential and practically right to ensure that all human beings have a chance of enjoying life with love and affection being accorded to them in full. Child adoption is practical and a realistic approach for someone to undertake in quest of changing somebody in need life and creating a positive impact on their lives.

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            Adopting a child is regarded as a taboo in some societies (Ruskai, 1993, pp.33). This is discouraged more by the global economic meltdown and the argument that a neglected child must have been a nuisance to its parentage. According to research, there is more to child neglect and adoption than meets the eye. Child adoption is a human practice and it is recognized by the society and human rights law and statute. Let’s us all adopt a child and be proud of having influenced positively someone’s life.

            Child adoption is a legally supported practice in the 21st century. The phenomenon is protected by the human rights legal approaches and scope as far as humanity is concerned. It is advised that when adopting a child, one should ensure that all legal procedures are not compromised and are instead followed to the later. When all the processes are adhered to, the child adoption approach and process is a realistic and right undertaking to practice. In addition child adoption as already argued above, has the opportunity of enabling a desperate person to enjoy a new life and return to the communal systems against segregation and being looked down upon.

            An adopted child is able to get a lost smile back, has the ability to intermingle with the others and enjoy the warmth associated with being accepted by the society. A child on the street, thrown into the rubbish bin or intentionally left to the bushes by the natural parentage has a torn life. It is tattered life and stressing in all aspects. The adoption process thus gives someone room to pick the pieces and bring someone life back to normal. Child adoption enables one to pride at having recollected another person’s life and having created a positive impact; a productive individual picked from the shackles and verge of getting lost (Ruskai, 1993. Pp. 21-24).


            Adopt a child is a practice that is advocated for by the NGOs and the governments of various states. The practice does help the sitting governments to effectively manage human rights and standards of life. This is made possible by the systems spelt out on how to channel resource to the needy and desperate. Adopting a child opens room for global recognition and awards for the extra step taken at ensuring that all human beings are comfortable in life. It is better to adopt a child and create an impact in the life of the helpless and ones left to succumb into the troubles of living under the sun.

Adopt Child. Custom Adopt Child Essay Writing Service || Adopt Child Essay samples, help

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