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Identifying the definition of dystopia while considering Fahrenheit 451

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Dystopia is defined to be a condition or a state in the society when living standards are horrible. These standards include deteriorated life style. Poverty is in the increase, violence is reported to be a common scene, there is oppression to the poor by the more privileged, and diseases are common, pollution and human misery (Oulton, 27).

A commonly said characteristic of dystopia is that it has a negative impact on the society, and it is undesirable phenomenal. In the novels, dystopias are said to be witnessed and seen as dangerous and separate from next generations. It can be classified as the Hero. This is when the outsider gets to have the world as shown to him.  In this characteristic, as the person tries to understand a society through analyzing its culture, the aspect of dystopia is challenged.

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Another characteristic as shown in the novel is that, dystopia has the essential of degrading the development in a society by bringing in a conflict, and as a result, it creates a barrier between the oppressed society, and the privileged one (Gordin et al, 17).

Fahrenheit 451 portrays a dystopian society when he says that a technocratic and totalitarian society is one where one demands order without respecting the other person’s rights. Bradbury chose to write about a dystopian society because it culminates peace and development in a given society. Bradbury addresses the issue of dystopia so as to enlighten the society and try to implement change (Slaughter, 36). What he was warning us about is the impact dystopia can cause to the society, and these warnings are true, and the society should change and adopt new strategies as he has pointed out in his novel.


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In a nutshell, dystopia is a phenomenal which should not be tolerated in a society. People should unite to eliminate all the possibilities which can lead to dystopias. As clearly illustrated by Bradbury, the government should let the citizens have a free learning and fair learning environment. As a result, the society will get enlightened on the process of eliminating causes of dystopias.

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