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Black Feminism Quiz. Custom Black Feminism Quiz Essay Writing Service || Black Feminism Quiz Essay samples, help

1)Sexism in sociology

            Sociology is the study of social behavior of human beings in the social, economic, religious and political context. On the other hand, sexism is the prejudice between people on the basis of sex as opposed to individual merit. Everything that happens in the society is discriminatory whether in the workplace, church, families or even politics. For instance, politics is viewed by the society as a male-dominated area and most women see politicians as corrupt people. As a result, more males than females are politicians. Even the few women who are in politics are faced with discrimination i.e. their male counterparts either do not listen to them or do not take whatever they say seriously in parliament. Another example is the sexual harassment that women face as opposed to men. This is because of the society’s view of women as lesser beings than men. Women are viewed as more harmless than men and therefore are susceptible to sexual violations.

2)The role of men in the feminist movement

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            Feminist movements are aimed at fighting for the rights of women in the society. These movements assist women who are oppressed in the society to seek justice, for instance, ensuring that people who violate women sexually are jailed. Feminist groups may be more important to men than women. According to Digby (100), when a man joins a feminist group, he is able to understand what women go through in the society in terms of discrimination and oppression and therefore, are in a good position to influence other men not to have separate men’s rights group (which further promotes sexism), but to have one movement for both men and women. This way, the relationship between men and women in the society will be improved, thus making it easier to solve their problems.

3)The two opposing perspectives of feminists on prostitution.

            Radical feminists argue than prostitution is an activity that have resulted from the existing sexism in our society in which men dominate over women. As a result, men are viewing women as sexual objects rather sex partners. Prostitution is a way in which men abuse and exploit women, and it deprives them of their human dignity. On the other hand, some feminists view prostitution just like any other kind of work. They argue that women have a right over ther bodies and it is their choice to do whatever they want with it. If they want to use it to make a living through prostitution, it is up to them

4)Foot-binding and dowry fires as acts of objectification.

            Foot-binding was more common in the ancient China. Though it is associated with great pain and health problems, the practice enhances a woman’s beauty and therefore many women strive to bind their feet regardless of the cost. It involves breaking the arch and curling a woman’s toes. Dowry fires on the other hand, are also used for beauty enhancement.

5)Definition of neonaticide.

            This is the killing of a newborn baby during the first 24 hours of his or her life and is especially done by the mother of the child.

6)The role neonaticide plays in the population of China and India.

            China and India are the two countries in the world with the highest number of population. Currently, China is leading with a population of 1.35 billion people, while India comes second with 1.21 billion people (Das 98). With this kind of population in countries with high poverty rates, low education levels and high unemployment rate, the policy of these two counties is to reduce their rate of population growth. Neonaticide, therefore plays a significant role in controlling their populations. The one child per couple policy introduced in China has led to infants especially females (male children are more preferred in China than females) being killed. As at 1997, a study revealed that about 10,000 female infants were being killed yearly (Das 98). Similarly, in India, neonaticide, also occurs in females especially among poor people who cannot afford economic costs associated with dowry and weddings of girls. Generally, neonaticide plays a significant role in reducing the population of these two countries

7)The limited role of men in the feminist movement by bifurcation

            Bifurcation is the act of splitting something into two parts. Since it stresses on splitting into two parts, I assume it advocates for both male and female movement. This can limit the role of men in feminist movement because very few or no men would want to associate themselvves with women movements when they have their own movements. 

8)How women can actively participate in their own subjugation

            Women can participate actively in their own subjugation by being proactive and taking charge of their lives. For instance, searching for information online about family planning and being on a contraceptive if they do not intend to give birth. That way, they will ensure that they have only the number of children they can comfortably raise.

9)Why women find it hard historically to actively exercise self-valuation

            Self-valuation is the way in which an individual views himself or herself. Historically, women are seen as lesser beings than men and therefore are under the control of men. For instance, in societies, a woman’s place is in the kitchen and participating actively in matters such us politics is rare if not unacceptable. As a result, women have grown up knowing that they have no place in politics; and as a result, they are reluctant to join politics. It is not because they do not see themselves making good politicians, but it is the way a female politician is viewed in the society.

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10)Gender Vertigo

            According to Barbara (50-67), gender structures just like political and economic structures exist in our societies. In her book, Gender Vertigo: American Families in Transition, she explains the way gender as a social structure impacts on individual persons, organize expectations that is attached to social ranks, and integrates itself into social institutions.

            Barbara provides practical proof that human beings have the ability to develop intimate relationships devoid of gender as the fundamental organizing mechanism. According to her findings; both women and men are able to change the gender structure that is exiting in our society today.

            When investigating modern families, Barbara discovered that it is possible to overcome gender structures if couples are willing to disobey society and gender vertigo. The author argues that creating a just society is possible only if we create a society where gender is not relevant for social life.

Black Feminism Quiz. Custom Black Feminism Quiz Essay Writing Service || Black Feminism Quiz Essay samples, help

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