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One of the many things that derail the efforts of therapeutic approach to groups is the emergency of impediments along the path to progress. These impediments come as external factors that have refused to be aligned to the common goal of the group. These factors could be as a result of the history of one or more group members who seem no to see the constraints and parameters when conducting them in the group (Yalom, & Leszcz, 2005).

One of the most troublesome experiences in the management of a group was the case of a projective identification (scapegoating). This is the case where an individual has a displaced hostility to a fellow member of the group who shows high chances of taking no revenge or retaliation. This problem traces its roots back to the way the individual was raised by his/her parents.

In going about this case, I had to address it by highlighting projections through expressing out how individual’s impressions of others can be used as a leeway into knowing more about the subject.

In the theoretical perspectives discussion, a number of things have come into my mind and posed a challenge. I find a lot of applications set up in the family and even in the profession.

One of it is the way I have been seeing individuals determined to go against the grains of the family set standards or even job set rule in the professional places. This gives me an insight into their thinking and even somewhat a little historical backdrop of their past. The only explanation I could give or think is that somewhere at the early stages of growth responsibilities were not taken especially by their parents. This so-believed “hard-wired“ behavior can be troublesome if not countered by a respective truth (Yalom, & Leszcz, 2005). As this is so, the fact that we are genetically wired to experience misunderstandings in our families and professional places is correct too (Billig & Tajfel,1973)..

Though this is so, families can be the training places for a good nurture ground to overcome nature. Constant practices assure us to be more effective when circumstances seem not evitable.

The last thing to be embraced in order to cope better is that  uncovering of implicit meanings governing our groups should be paramount and we should start practicing new engagement rules.

To my academic or professional experience, theoretical perspective discussion helped me in the identification of a number of things as I would be able to explore the relevance of an individual’s life and its impact on today’s behavior. This is because; there exists a correlation of the past events with the present as it reflects same patterns of the here-in-now tier (Campling & Haigh 1988).). I would also be able to explore behavioral patterns of individuals that have a link to their feelings, and how similar and different individuals are when it comes to their meanings.

In addition, I’ve been made aware of the individuals proclivity in the constant attempt to distort others perception. Finally, I’ve been made to understand that even when life gets through well, and a better living is not a struggle anymore, this also might not necessarily mean that I have an added living. This knowledge is essential. It helps me think carefully before doing anything and more so to understand that a professional place and school have the potential to change somebody’s behavior.

The Common Ggoal of the Group. Custom The Common Ggoal of the Group Essay Writing Service || The Common Ggoal of the Group Essay samples, help

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