Social Environment

Consequences of population growth on our social environment how the current trends in populations at a global level. The Earth’s inhabitants have been increasing over time now. This is as a result of inhabitants giving birth, reduced mortality rate, a rise in immigration and weakening of the natural resources. Presence of natural resources will result to an increased population, because of its ability to sustain life.

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An area will experience an increase in population, if agricultural produce is high and medical services are readily available.  Overpopulation is a great concern to the ecosystem.  A large population increase has environmental side effects. These include global warming, environmental pollution and an increased resource demand.  We have experienced starvation and a state, where there is a large intake of natural resources as compared to its production. Up to this point, people still have a belief that waste disposal and high consumption by developed countries is to blame and not overpopulation alone. Currently, populations are increasing at an alarming rate despite all the campaigns that have been carried out aimed reducing populations.

Recently, more government bodies have come up with rules and regulations to limit population increase. These bodies have taken the responsibility of enlightening communities on family planning, enabled easier access to controlling births and availability of contraceptives. These contraceptives have been encouraged because of the fact that many pregnancies reported wee not intended for in the first place. Some developed countries have already embraced formal regulations aimed at reducing birth rates. China has implemented the policy of one child so as to cut on population growth.

When populations are reduced, we shall have easier access to natural resources and a reduced emission of green house gases that causes global warming. As human beings we can improve our health by eating a balanced diet, practicing to keep our bodies fit and keeping the environment clean because the environment treats us well if we take good care it. That is we need to plant trees to help clean our environment and ensure a healthier life.  

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Global warming is causing fatal changes to the environment. It is majorly caused by human activities and partly by changes in nature. Drastic change in ecosystems, frequent occurrence of hurricanes and a rise in sea levels are just a few of these effects.

Theoretical perspectives regarding one’s health and ways you to improve the state of health

There are several theories towards health. On a structural point of view, poverty is taken as distributing rewards unequally along the social league. Here, duties are given to specific people in the society. This has served to infringe in some people that poverty is just meant for a given group of people and not others. At the end some people are less well off than others because of lack of proper knowledge and skills to up their relevance in the society.

On the other end, it is theoretically believed that anybody well off exploited those who are not well off.  The two sides end up hating each other when in real sense it is not the truth. Such like minds need sociological education and concepts to understand why people cannot be the same. People will be able to appreciate their social level and live in peace with each other.

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Furthermore, we can content and make use of the resources within our reach to make ends meet. This will make people have a reduced view that material success is the ultimate goal in life. When we understand that there is more to life, we shall benefit from our social being by taking each other equal but unique in their own way.

This course has helped understand sociology as a course and how to apply it in the normal life. It has made me view social problems in the society with a broader view and understanding unlike before. It is a high time I started appreciating societal diversity and respecting each other’s beliefs. Lastly, I have understood that everything that happens, from cultural disagreements to global warming must be improved by us to secure the future generation. 

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