It’s against the law of the military service in the United States to have discrimination of a person on the basis of his or her sexual orientation or the perceived sexual orientation. The law protests an individual from discrimination if he or she is gay, lesbian, heterosexual or bisexual, if you have friends who are either gay or lesbians or visit the gay clubs and if people view a person as a lesbian, gay or a heterosexual whereas the person is not. Therefore, the military service does not discriminate the above sexual integrated individuals. The above sexual groups in the military belong to different ethnic groups and races and thus bring the issue of racial integration in the military.  Sexual and race orientation has some similarities and differences in the military service.

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The similarity of sexual and racial orientations is that first of all, they are the fundamentals for the minority group status in the United States culture. For these two groups, there exists prejudice that results to different treatment when in the hands of the majority. Despite the extensive efforts to combat racism in the U.S, the African Americans, the native Indians and the other minor races experience different treatment if they are either gay, lesbian in comparison to the whites. The new military personnel policies that concern the issue of race and sexual orientation have both faced a substantial opposition; this is due to the fact that according to these policies, the majority that includes the whites in the armed forces supported the sexual and the racial segregation policies.

The differences between the sexual and the racial orientation are that in most scenarios, race is a visible characteristic, whereas the sexual orientation can be hidden. Second, in the United States, the issue of race is strongly linked to the socioeconomic status than the links of the sexual orientation. Lastly, a fundamental difference between the two is that the relative fraction of the military individuals who represent the racial minority and the ones who are openly gay. The fraction of the openly gay individuals in the military is prone to stay small even if the current limitations are implemented.

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