Teachers as Mentors to the Children

Teacher actions impacting this situatio

Teachers are perceived as mentors to the children they resume the responsibility of both a teacher, as well as a parent. They are supposed to take care of the children well being, as well as teach the child the upright morals the child is responsible to.

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Learning domains addressed and other learning domains could be addressed

Social emotional aspect is one of the domains discussed and basically concentrates on the provisions the environment delivers to the child in order to experience social emotional growth. Physical aspect is, were the physical activities of the child is discussed. The domain classifies the need for space, in order to allow children to play adequately, for it is through this play that the child learns and grows. Intellectual aspect is another important domain which concentrates on the ability of the child to make decisions.

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 It is presumed that, when a child is allowed to make his or her decision at an early stage, to some extent this articulates early aspect of responsibility to the child.  Finally, spiritual factor is illustrated as the aspect of bringing up a child in a religious manner, letting the child to understand that there is a supreme God who has to be worshiped. Another domain which I think could have been discussed is on the aspect of relationship, were the child is to be mentored on the kind of relationships he or she puts up with, and the implication each may have.

Other details that remain visible for further consideration is that, upbringing of a child should not only be the responsibility of parents and teachers, but it should be the responsibility for the whole community in general. Every elder should be responsible to correct any child he or she finds in a mess.

Family background, culture or popular media can be influenced in the sense that, they are all issues that deal with information transition. This is from one generation to another. These issues have the influence on mentoring a child.

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You have to relate with the child at a level he or she is comfortable in order to fully understand his or her point of view.

The environment is changing at an alarming rate, and therefore it is the responsibility of the community to make sure that the children are well taken care of, and guided on the correct path to follow. It is believed that, in order to understand a child, you need to behave like one. This will enable the child to feel comfortable, and will be open to you, hence make you understand him.

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