Argument for People Not Contributing to Society

There are people in the society believed to be contributing nothing to the development of the society. They include single mothers, teenagers and the disabled among others. Some people think that they do no have a right to get healthcare services. I am for the opinion that these people contribute a lot towards the society. They should be given that chances of getting better healthcare just like other people.They get to be seen as unproductive to the country’s economy.

If we can take an example of teenagers, they are the future a country’s economy. They should not be regarded as non-productive members of the society. Without them, we cannot plan for the future. If we take the case of single mothers, it is not their wish to be in that state. Some of them are even suffering for what they never did. These people contribute to the development of countries though indirectly. When an economy gets no challenge, there can be no development. In many governments, there are funds set aside for provision of healthcare services. This is an indication that the society care about them. In my own opinion, such people should not be criticized for whatever reason. They do not have resources at their disposal. A teenager who has not attained the legal age gets blocked from doing many things. He or she cannot enter in a contract with a mature person. They cannot be involved in transactions involving banks. They only get allowed in exceptional circumstances. We should consider such factors before we blame them. They should get entitle to healthcare services since they will at one time in future make their own decisions. They may be the future health officials. If we deny them the chance to get better health care services, we may destroy the future. If we look at single mothers, they do not have time to contribute to the society due to family burdens. This makes them not to contribute to the society. The other members of the society should be concerned about those who cannot contribute to the society. They should not sideline them in the issues of the society. In my opinion, these members may also wish to be active in the society. There are other factors that contribute to one being unproductive in the society. Natural disasters may happen and, one becomes permanently disabled. Some of the people seen on the streets begging may have suffered a natural disaster. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding or volcanic eruptions can cause members of the society to be unproductive. They are not predictable hence they are not preventable. Why should we then turn against these people then? Taxpayers should cater for these members. When they give out to them, they get motivated to be more productive. The excess resources in the governments should be directed towards the unproductive members. For those who cannot get necessary care from their home country, it is reasonable to consider them. Some countries in the world have many problems that force people to free to other countries.

There are reasons given against these people. They get to be denied healthcare services. They get to be seen as unwanted members of the society. What everyone should understand is the diversity of nature. Let us try and understand the unproductive. We should guide them especially the youth. Any society has different types of people. Not everyone gets brought up in the same conditions as the other. My views are quite straight. I support the unproductive persons in the society because they have a right to be recognized just like other members. No one would wish to be in their state.

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