Classifying People by Race


            In this response essay, my focus is centered on whether it is had or good, to classify the people according to race, color and ethnicity. My argument is that, other than race, color and ethnicity, the state could also categorize the people on the basis of religion, sex and level of education. Therefore, I believe that all forms of classifying the people have advantages and disadvantages.

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            I recognize and believe that, the state’s adoption of the policy prohibiting the classification of the people according to race, color, and ethnicity has some advantages. First, in my perception, ethnicity and other practices, which the different races embrace lead to unity of the people and preservation of the culture. Indeed, the people’s culture is a form of identification and heritage that no community would intend to eliminate.

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            Secondly, through classifying the people, a state may be able to conduct census and determine the population based on the different ethnic identities. Classification may help in national planning and indicate whether a certain ethnic group or cultural practice is facing extinction, thereby; plan for possible intervention (Mevorach 238).

            Thirdly, the other advantage of such classification is that, it creates harmony. Notably, the coexistence of the people with similar background and cultural practice is better than in a group of persons with different ethnic beliefs. Apparently, ethnic tension would not occur if the people from a particular group live together.

            Despite the advantages of racial, color and ethnic classification, I found out that the classification has some disadvantages. For example, the classification might increase racial and ethnic discrimination and prejudice. In this regard, I support Mevorach argument that, some ethnic communities would assume undue superiority over the others, causing a lot of discontent and tension in the state (238).

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            In summary, I recommend that the state has to clarify its intension to classify the people. More importantly, I suggest that the state has to put mechanisms to minimize the discrimination and prejudices, which characterize all forms of classification.

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