Strategies that Support the Choices

According to the universal declaration of human rights every individual is entitled to human dignity and value of human person and the equal rights accorded to men and women and they have determined to encourage the social progress and better the life standards and freedom. Being born a boy or a girl, there are some expectations that society has for you. There are some things that are fancied by the male gender and mostly they are masculine in nature while women are mostly associated with things that are more emotional such as colors e.g. pink or other bright colors. When a boy associate with things those are associated with the other gender, he is likely to be seen as straying from the normal expectations. In the book, Mr. and Mrs. Kilodavis have strategies that support their son’s choices and they have shown that they are comfortable with their son’s behavior though they were surprised at the start. (Roddy, 98)

In life people have gender stereotypes that limit the way we see other people of our gender or opposite. This start when people apply generic attributes, or roles towards either gender. This is almost in every situation and the only way of dealing with it is to overlook it and see people according to their values and principles rather than examining them on the basis of their genetic gender roles. Giving your child support in whatever they do gives them the courage to face other children rather than live in fear. Children that have parental support and love have developed into strong characters despite of what other children do and on the contrary, parents that try to model their child to have a character they desire and that conform to the norms of society expectation end up having a very hard time. Such children grow up with little confidence in themselves and they may end up shy and keep their opinions to themselves in public places even if they could be helpful. Avoiding the company of other people will become their day to day activities. (Junot, 112)

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Whenever the parents show their children that they are always wrong and yet the child feels that what he /she is doing is ok, they will start avoiding them and do their things in hiding. The child may resort to other ways of trying to justify his/her behavior and in most cases they end up adopting characters that segregate them from society, they cut themselves from the bigger picture of normal life by trying to justify what they belief in and what they do. These parents insist that support your child for who they are and what whatever they dress and that to be a good parent you should support your child’s choices.

Many child experts liken dressing to improved vocabulary and social skills and therefore they claim that children should given that power to choose dressing codes at a tender age. They argue that it is good for them to explore the role play in the same way they do to dressing. Though there are many things that could lead to them wearing cross-cutting or be unwilling to wear gender appropriateness clothes, parents should explore all these before making decisions for their children.

Young children don’t realize  their gender at tender age below  four years and neither do they know what it means  nor what is expected from the in this regard because of their gender. In most cases they will end up experimenting due to them not buying what the society expects from them and they don’t realize they are not conforming to the society. The writer does not see any harm that is caused by mode of dressing and she says that it does not cause any distress to the child neither is it detrimental to his health and she says that it makes him happy and that is good for him. Allowing him to wear what makes him happy shows that the parents have love and appreciate the right of their child to choose what to wear. Such a child will reciprocate by showing respect to the parents.

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Children who wear gender inappropriate clothes are subject to bullying in schools play areas as other children see them as those who do not conform to the society expectations. Teachers should understand this and therefore educate other children on the choices that others make. The way a child dresses does not have any effect on her future sexuality and it ends with the love of the cloth just like other boys have love for male clothes. Some boys wear girl dresses to seek attention so that they are noticed by other boys or girls, while others will end up liking dresses because they were born and raised in a family with only sisters and therefore end up liking what their sisters put on. (Jessica, 145)

Young people dare to be different even if it is just for a moment. To show up in a gender  inappropriate clothing or just put on a fancy outfit or just enjoy a night out free of gender binary or controls or just have a free life. Doing this actually does not change anything sexually and therefore it is good to enjoy such times. This freedom allows young people to express themselves freely. Rather than feeling intimidated and insecure, young people feel more comfortable if they have the support around them in regard to what they put on and this is the role what the parents should play in the child’s life.

In her book she shows the unconditional love for her son and she sees her son as being ok he is neither sick nor damaged and therefore the critics of her son are the ones that are supposed to change. She was aware that his behavior will attract bullies but she dint try to change her son’s character to avoid the bullying. It is good to see that there is a general acceptance by parents for their children without considering what they dress and also accepting that our perception about gender is past its time and it is socially constructed. And such parents should use their knowledge to spread the gospel to other parents with contrary opinion. (John, 88)

Positive and critical reactions they have received

This book and its authors have received many reactions from many readers some positive and others negative, those who support it base their argument that the child should have freedom to choose what to wear at a tender age and there is nothing wrong in dressing in a gender inappropriate clothes. It is not yet a view of the general public of letting people express themselves however they want it if it is contrary to most people especially when the issue is gender related. We have a long way since the times when people expected women to put on skirts only but up to date some people are astonished when they see a boy wearing dresses.  

How did race, sexuality and gender contribute to her returning to Pruitt

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Race, gender and sexuality determine the way people view us, despite the efforts by the United Nations to see people as equal and only judge them by their values. We tend to be more comfortable when we are with people from the same race, sex and gender. Due to this, some people may find their work places uncomfortable and therefore quit because they are unsatisfied. The working environment determines a lot if an employee will stay or quit his/her work despite the salary he/she earns. (Marion, 127)

Being a Dominican girl, she was an immigrant and therefore of different race to most people. In such situations one is given work and instructions and he/she is seen as not capable just because of race. Oppression due people being of different race is shown clearly when one is discriminated against just because of race and at times they are overloaded with work or exposed to hard working conditions by their employers.

Reasons why people quit their work vary from employer to employer and one may quit job at a place expecting to get better treatment elsewhere only to find that place worse than the previous one. When one finds out that her previous employer is better, he may reconsider her decision and go back to her previous employer. Gender issues are more delicate and therefore women struggle to establish themselves at their working places basing on their capabilities and balancing that with their values. They are seen as weaker objects and that they are easily affected by emotions and therefore men can do a better job. (Joan, 138)

In young’s five faces of oppression, he discusses the way people are affected by them. Due to most women and especially those with a different race have less power; they are exploited by their employers. And in my conclusion, I concur with him that oppression can only be expressed by those who have power and this may be due to majority in terms of; gender, race or sexuality.

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